Dredge Oarfish Location Guide: Where to Find and How to Catch it?

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Dredge Oarfish Location Guide: Where to Find and How to Catch it?

The Oarfish is one of the four exceptional rare catches in Dredge. So, here’s our Dredge Oarfish location guide to help you catch this cunning creature!

On the surface, Dredge looks like a relaxing fishing sim that anybody can enjoy. But beneath the waves, Dredge hides something a lot more sinister. If that description intrigues you in any way, do check out our review on this wonderful indie title made by the passionate team at Black Salt Games.

In this article, we will be taking a dive into the vast ocean of Dredge and do some fishing. There are plenty of fish to catch in the waters of Dredge, some are easy to find while others require a bit of work. However, we will be looking to net the highly elusive Oarfish, one of the four rarest fishes in all of Dredge. So, without further ado, here’s our Dredge Oarfish location guide!

Why Do You Need to Catch the Oarfish?

Dredge Oarfish Location Guide: Where to Find and How to Catch it?

Credit: Dredge Wiki

The Oarfish is one of the four rarest fish in the game. It is needed to complete the Recording Rarities pursuit. For each fish you find, you can show it to the Travelling Merchant to get 2 Research Parts for your boat. This allows you to upgrade your vessel with better gear and gadgets. Moreover, each of the four fishes can be sold for $250, meaning if you complete the pursuit, you’ll have plenty of spare change left over.

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What Do You Need to Catch the Oarfish?

To catch the Oarfish, you will need the Abyssal Rod from the Stellar Basin. You will also need to have enough space in your cargo to store your catch, so plan accordingly. Luckily, it doesn’t matter if the fish rots. You can still sell it once you have it in your inventory. We also recommend getting a better engine as you will have a large distance to cover. In addition, you should be wary of the dangers that come with exploring these territories. Hence, a good engine will come in handy when going for these rare catches!

Where to Find the Dredge Oarfish Location?

Dredge Oarfish Location Guide: Where to Find and How to Catch it?

Credit: IGN

You can find the Oarfish in the Gale Cliffs of the marked part of the map (square P3). If you explore the area a bit, you will find a waterfall. For a more specific route – you can go to the area where you dredged up the Family Crest. There you will find a waterfall behind which lies the rare Oarfish. Sail straight through the waterfall into a hidden cave and you will find the fishing spot. We should also note that you may come across an aggressive one-eyed fish that patrols the area. To deal with it, just hide behind the rocks around the cliffs near the town to let it pass.

What Other Rare Fish Are There in Dredge?

Apart from the Oarfish, there are three other highly rare fish in Dredge – Gulper Eel, Goliath Tigerfish, and Coelacanth. The Gulper Eel can be found in the Stellar Basin in square F4, the Goliath Tigerfish is found in the Twisted Strand in square E12, and you can find the Coelacanth in the Devil's Spine in square Q12. Similar to the Oarfish, you need to meet certain requirements to catch these fish as well.

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Final Thoughts

The biggest challenge of finding these super rare fish in Dredge is that they are not marked on the map. Players are only given a few cryptic clues as leads to the different locations. This can make the Recording Rarities pursuit very challenging for those who cannot figure out the hints dropped by the game. Thankfully, this guide will help you along the way to find the elusive Oarfish. For more gaming features, guides, and news, check out ESTNN!

Dredge Oarfish Location Guide: Where to Find and How to Catch it?
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