DreamHack Summer & DreamHack Dallas Rescheduled

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DreamHack Summer & DreamHack Dallas Rescheduled

DreamHack has decided to delay two of its tentpole events due to the COVID-19 uncertainty.

With global events dropping like flies, DreamHack has made the decision to push back two of its 2020 events into August. Giving them more breathing room amidst the pandemic.

DreamHack Summer (originally scheduled for June 12-14, 2020) will now take place August 6-9 at Elmia in Jönköping, Sweden. However, DreamHack Masters is still scheduled to take place on its original date, though DreamHack continues to evaluate the situation.

The Dallas event (originally scheduled for May 22-24, 2020) will now take place August 14-16 at Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas.

Not a decision taken lightly

DreamHack Co-CEO Marcus Lindmark, had this to say;

“While this action is precautionary, it was not a decision taken lightly,” said DreamHack Co-CEO Marcus Lindmark. “We have evaluated legislators’ decisions to temporarily suspend events where large groups of people gather, and the need for so many to shelter in place at this time — all of which have informed our decision to put the wellness of our communities first. We will follow the guidance of trusted health advisors, city officials and venue partners for our remaining events in 2020, and we look forward to sharing the experience of everything gaming under one roof again soon.”

There has been a flurry of updates from DreamHack as it tries to maintain events throughout the year. Getting ahead of the situation, especially in Sweden where things are currently fairly calm. (It’s the only European country to not suspend education during the outbreak.) Providing things have settled by then, these events should be in a better place to happen. Any further delay and DreamHack Summer will start to move too close to DreamHack’s other event, DreamHack Winter in late November.

We’ll update you with the latest info as soon as we have it.

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DreamHack Summer & DreamHack Dallas Rescheduled
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