Dragon’s Dogma 2 Tips and Tricks

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Dragon’s Dogma 2 Tips and Tricks

Dragon's Dogma 2 is a game in which you will have the opportunity to face a multitude of missions, explore the various game areas, interact with characters, face enemies, and more. For this reason, some Dragon's Dogma 2 tips and tricks can be useful to you to better face your adventure in the vast game world.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Tips and Tricks

Like any self-respecting game, there are some things to keep in mind as you continue with your adventure. Running straight towards the end credits is certainly not the best thing to do, especially in a game like Dragon's Dogma 2, where there are many things to do and discover. Consequently, here are some useful tips that we have decided to put together to ensure that you can best face this experience.

Explore the Game World

The game world of Dragon's Dogma 2 is vast and there are many things to discover. Don't just stop at exploring the areas closely linked to the main missions of the game; expand your horizons as much as possible. There's a lot to see in Dragon's Dogma 2, and it would be a shame if you didn't take the time to explore as well. The plot can engage you, and the combat can be adrenaline-filled, but exploration is as important a factor as the ones we've just mentioned.

Do Side Activities

What kind of open-world action RPG would it be if there weren't side activities to complete? Don't just focus on the main story; try to do everything the game has to offer, even the smaller tasks and quests. Each of the activities present in Dragon's Dogma 2 is important to better understand the game and to ensure that your experience is as varied and long-lasting as possible. For this reason, do not underestimate this aspect for any reason in the world. Every now and then, between one main mission and another, you also do everything that the world of Dragon's Dogma 2 has to offer.

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dragon's dogma 2 tips and tricks

Master Your Vocation

Dragon's Dogma 2 gives you the opportunity to choose between different vocations (classes). There are four basic ones, but there are also two advanced and four hybrid ones. This will allow you to always have different ways of playing based on your needs. Furthermore, mastering your vocation is the best way to deal with the threats that lurk in the game world more easily, as you will have access to better skills.

Use the Right Skills

Connecting to what we just said, another piece of advice we have to give you is to use the right skills. In Dragon's Dogma 2, there are many skills that you can have access to based on the type of vocation you have selected and using the best ones is certainly a big help when you have to face more dangerous threats. Therefore, pay close attention to the skills that you decide to acquire during the course of your journey and focus on those that best suit your style of play.

Don't Sell All Your Items

Selling objects is one of the actions that are most often carried out in games of this kind in order to obtain a nest egg of money that you can spend on improving your character. However, our advice is not to go all-in and sell everything you own. Try to have a more balanced approach and sell precisely what you think cannot be useful to you in any way.

Study Your Enemies

Combat in Dragon's Dogma 2 can be very rewarding, as long as you study the enemies you will face well. Don't rush into combat without taking into account the various strategies you can use and studying the strengths and weaknesses of your enemies, especially when you have to face more powerful enemies. Studying their way of behaving can be an excellent advantage that could save you a lot of time.

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dragon's dogma 2 tips and tricks

Listen to What People Say

Dragon's Dogma 2 is a game in which you will have the opportunity to interact with a myriad of characters during your adventure. Our advice, in this case, is to really pay attention to what the characters have to say to you. Missing even a single line of dialogue can turn into something “catastrophic” over time, so don't get distracted and listen carefully to what people have to say to you.

Choose Wisely

Going back to what we said, another thing you have to take into consideration in Dragon's Dogma 2 is that the game gives you great freedom of choice. While this is certainly a good thing in theory, in practice, it could lead to some problems in the long run. You literally have the fate of your character (and not only) in your hands. Depending on the choices you make, there will be different events and some characters may be affected, just as you will also have the opportunity to fail or miss missions. Consequently, choose calmly and without rushing.

Noble Clothes Can Be Stolen

To conclude, here's a treat for the more meticulous. In Dragon's Dogma 2, as in any self-respecting action RPG, you will be able to change your character's clothes. Although there are several ways to acquire them, noble clothes can also be stolen. Yes, you read that correctly. To be able to do this very quickly and easily, all you need to do is steal them from the noble manors and that's it.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Tips and Tricks
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