Dragon’s Dogma 2 Steam Deck Compatibility

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Dragon’s Dogma 2 Steam Deck Compatibility

By now, Valve has decided to focus heavily on Steam Deck since this portable console has received great success internationally.

Running some games on it, however, is not at all simple because you have to make compromises and the results are not always excellent. In this Dragon's Dogma 2 Steam Deck article, therefore, we will tell you everything you need to know about it so that you know what you are getting into.

Does Dragon's Dogma 2 Run Well on Steam Deck?

Unfortunately, at least at the moment, the answer is no. Capcom failed to best optimize Dragon's Dogma 2 for Steam Deck and this has meant that the game is practically unplayable on Valve's portable console. Probably the roots of this problem are to be found in the fact that even the PC version of the game is not at the level of that console and there are several problems that the developers are working to solve.

One of the primary reasons for Dragon's Dogma 2's poor performance on the Steam Deck is its technical specifications. While the Steam Deck boasts impressive hardware for a handheld device, it still falls short when compared to high-end gaming PCs or even current-generation consoles. The game's demanding graphics and complex mechanics push the limits of the Steam Deck's capabilities, resulting in subpar performance.

The framerate is really low and makes it practically impossible to fully enjoy the gaming experience, in very rare cases, you can reach 15 fps, which is too low to be able to enjoy the game. For this reason, at present, it is absolutely not recommended to play Dragon's Dogma 2 on the Steam Deck. However, this certainly does not mean that this will always be the case.

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Dragon's Dogma 2 Steam Deck

Another contributing factor to Dragon's Dogma 2's struggles on the Steam Deck is optimization—or the lack thereof. Porting a game from traditional platforms to a handheld device requires careful optimization to ensure smooth performance across different hardware configurations. Unfortunately, it seems that the developers may have overlooked this crucial step, leading to compatibility issues and performance disparities on the Steam Deck.

The gaming industry is full of examples of problematic game launches that later managed to be resolved and become enjoyable gaming experiences in every sense. The developers are aware of the situation and are trying in every way to give players a solution as quickly as possible.

Dragon's Dogma 2's arrival on the Steam Deck was met with much anticipation, but unfortunately, the reality has fallen short of expectations. Performance issues stemming from technical limitations and optimization challenges have hindered the game's potential on the handheld platform. Despite these setbacks, there remains optimism within the community that improvements can be made to enhance the overall experience.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Steam Deck Compatibility
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