Dragon’s Dogma 2 Pawns Explained

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Dragon’s Dogma 2 Pawns Explained

Who are the Dragon's Dogma 2 Pawns? In this article, we will try to give as detailed a description as possible about these characters. Who they are, what their characteristics are, what they are used for, and all the information you will need to fully understand their nature.

Who Are Pawns in Dragon's Dogma 2?

The Pawns in Dragon's Dogma 2 are practically the companions who will accompany the protagonist of the game throughout his adventure. You can recognize them thanks to the scar they have on their hands, just like the protagonist has on his chest. As for how they present themselves, Pawns can be any type of race in the game and always remain young, so they cannot die.

They are very loyal and will do practically anything asked of them. Each player can have a maximum of three Pawns at the same time. They are very useful because they allow you to have many advantages during your adventure, as they are able to fight and explore, as well as having great translation skills that could be very useful in certain moments of the story.

Like the protagonist of Dragon's Dogma 2, the Pawns also have their vocations. As a result, they will be able to be good at certain things rather than others. Thanks to the fact that they are able to upgrade their skills based on what you do during your adventure, our advice is to always pay attention to what they do, also because it could prove to be a very useful thing to get better at in combat.

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But we said that Pawns are also very useful when it comes to exploration. In fact, these are not the usual companions who are almost useless, but they will be able to find clues and items for you. Furthermore, they will also serve as a sort of guide to get to certain areas, given that they have knowledge that allows them to do this.

Finally, Pawns can also be very useful during missions. In fact, some of them, in certain cases, are able to provide you with suggestions on how to proceed on a certain mission, which is certainly useful in case you don't know how to proceed. Consequently, as you can see, the Pawns are much more than simple companions, but will actively help you during your adventure in Dragon's Dogma 2.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Pawns

Dragon's Dogma 2 Pawns Origins

We know that the Pawns come from the Rift, which is a sort of other realm that connects the Pawns with the Arisen. In fact, if you pay attention to what the game world has to offer, you will see Rift Stones around that will allow you to go to the realm from which the Pawns come. This feature is very useful for being able to search for certain Pawns that you need, or that have certain skills and vocations.

However, in reality, the player himself will create their main Pawn. In fact, through a process completely similar to that of creating your character, you will also be able to create the main Pawn who will accompany you during your adventure in Dragon's Dogma 2. Furthermore, once you have reached a certain point in the story, you will also have the opportunity to hire two new Pawns.

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As for the Pawn that you will be able to create, the attributes that you can choose from are many and will allow you to create the perfect Pawn for your needs (or for your tastes). Here is the list of things you can choose during creation:

  • Name
  • Race
  • Appearance
  • Vocation
  • Gender
  • Behavior
  • Personality
  • Specialization
  • Equipment
Dragon’s Dogma 2 Pawns Explained
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