Dragons Dogma 2: Does It Contain Sex and Romance?

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Dragons Dogma 2: Does It Contain Sex and Romance?

Yes, Dragons Dogma 2 does contain sex. Find out how much and how often.

Just like its predecessor, players can romance characters in Dragons Dogma 2, and the game contains sex, this article tells you how much.

Does Dragons Dogma 2 Contain Sex?

While the ESRB rating for the game reveals much expected gore, and violence, there is mention of surprising sexual content. However, the game still doesn't contain a slew of graphic sex scenes like Baldurs Gate 3, there are brothels in the game and NPCs visit your house where you can exchange currencies for “moments of affection”. Don't get your hopes up for full-on sex scenes, though.

There are scenes cut to black implying that the ‘act' has been done, and do not display graphic nudity. The ESRB description has surprisingly revealed the sexual content in the game (spoilers ahead) “A brief sequence depicts the player sitting on a bed with a prostitute (both wearing underwear), before the camera fades to black.”

The game also features one cutscene that briefly depicts characters kissing and rolling around in bed. There has been no report on nudity to be featured in the scene whatsoever.

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Players' character can interact with sex workers, exchanging currency for services. Dragons Dogma 2 will feature prostitution, and it seems like the game will feature a lot of it. The game unlocks a brothel for the player to visit, during a quest called “The Stolen Throne” During the quest, you receive a brothel membership card of sorts that allows your character to visit and romance the available NPCs inside the brothel.

Once inside the Rose Chateau Borderlie brothel you can talk to an attendant and pay 20,000 gold. Sex is implied in the game when the screen cuts to black upon visiting the sex worker in the room, but there won't be any graphic nudity in the game whatsover.

But players shouldn't expect full on nudity, like in Baldur's Gate 3 or The Witcher franchise. There are no visibly explicit scenes in the game, except a bunch of topless demon monsters (with no nipples, as revealed in the ESRB rating description for the game. You would be able to romance NPC’s and characters in the game, with the exception of Pawns. Pawns are loyal to the arisen, and are not NPCs who possess a free will.

Dragon's Dogma 2 is slated to launch on Friday, March 22. The ambitious Capcom RPG will be available to play on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and on PC via a Steam purchase.

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