Dragonflight 10.1 Cross-Faction Guilds, Everything You Need to Know!

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Dragonflight 10.1 Cross-Faction Guilds, Everything You Need to Know!

Cross-Faction guilds is an exciting new feature coming in patch 10.1 that many players have been waiting for.

This will finally break down the barriers between Horde and Alliance, as now both factions can be in the same guild and raid group to push for Hall of Fame. After all there is no real reason for the factions to be separated anymore, as Blizzard has shifted the story to unify the factions. Let's take a look at how cross-faction guilds will work and the limitations they have. Players can finally play any race they want whether they prefer the racials, or just enjoy playing as a particular race, without worrying about being restricted from doing content with their friends.

How Cross-Faction Guilds Work

Guilds will still need to be associated with one of the factions. This will be determined by the faction of the guild leader and is important because it determines how guild invites and guild achievements are handled.

Cross-Faction guilds will have a major restriction on release, it is not as simple as just sending your opposite faction friend a ginvite. In order to invite someone from the opposite faction they need to be Battle.net friends with the person that is inviting them, or be in the same Battle.net community. This will not be a major hurdle for players that are already Battle.net friends, but will certainly make recruiting new players a challenge. Hopefully this restriction can be removed in a future patch, but it does make sense why the restriction is there. After all, ever since the game was started the Horde and Alliance were programmed to be enemies and not work together. So there is probably a lot of code they need to adjust to even make cross-faction guilds a reality.

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Another restriction is that some guild achievements will remain faction specific, as there are faction specific guild achievements. This is not a huge concern as these achievements are just for show and really have not had much change in recent years.

There are a lot more positives than negatives to the cross-faction guild system. All members will be able to participate in the guild chat and use the guild bank. Additionally, all guild perks will be active for members such as repairs and faster Hearthstone cooldown. So players of both factions can finally be apart of and enjoy being in the same guild. This change will also make this RWF a unique one as we will see Alliance and Horde races together for the first time.


Dragonflight 10.1 Cross-Faction Guilds, Everything You Need to Know!
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