Dplus vs kt Rolster Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 2

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Dplus vs kt Rolster Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 2

Dplus vs kt Rolster Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 2.

It's LCK vs LCK in the last game of Day 2. The third seed takes on the fourth seed, in what could be a game that keeps their Worlds hopes alive. Winning might not secure a spot, but it will give whoever does secure it a dam sight better chance of progressing.

Dplus vs kt Rolster Recap

Dplus vs kt Rolster Recap

First blood is secured by KT, as DK's Ziggs ADC pick is punished early on. It all went a little quiet after this early engagement, though KT did continue to increase their lead, securing plates in all three lanes. With the second Drake up on the Rift, DK found a way to secure it once again, in the subsequent period they force a fight onto KT but it ends in disaster. KT cleaned up DK and took three more kills for their trouble. While DK are able to claim an important second Drake, they've already fallen 3k behind. Despite being behind still at 20 minutes, DK once again managed to work the map state into their favour to secure a key third Drake. With Mount Soul being this game's Soul Drake, it could be a huge turning point if they secure it.

The game state continued to go the way of KT, crucially they stopped the Soul Drake capture by DK, as the one win condition left for DK went away. With that play done, KT made a push into the DK mid lane and secured even more kills with an incredibly well-timed engagement. KT chose not to end, instead moving to secure the Baron buff before likely resetting to prepare to end. DK desperately tried to defend their Nexus, but before the fight even really started they'd given up Canyon for their trouble. As Kellin dropped next, it was game over for DK. KT pushed for the win, and secured their first win of the Swiff Stage at Worlds 2023.

Quick Stats:
Teams: DK – KT
Time: 31:57
Turrets: 4-9
Gold: 51.3k – 61.9k
Dragons: 3-1
Barons: 0-1
Dplus vs kt Rolster Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 2
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