Does Manor Lords Contain Romance?

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Does Manor Lords Contain Romance?

Manor Lords Romance options explained.

With over 3 million wishlists, Manor Lords has emerged to be one of the hottest strategy builders to release on Steam. The game has generated a lot of hype amongst the gaming community, and especially fans of the strategy builder genre.

The record-breaking game is slated to release in Early Access on April 24, and this article details whether the Slavic Magic title contains romance options and sex.

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Manor Lords Romance and Sex: Does The Game Contain Any?

No, at the time of writing, Manor Lords doesn’t contain any romance options or any character interactions that would allow the player to romance NPCs or anybody else. Considering the game is a strategy world builder, it is unlikely that we may see the developers add romance options in the future.

There have been multiple discussions in the game’s Steam forum regarding Manor Lords Romance and Sex options but no messages have been answered to or addressed by developer Slavic Magic so far.

While a third-person mode in the game lets you interact with your city and it's people, any options to romance them are very unlikely at this moment. For a strategy world builder like Manor Lords, a romance option would very likely appear last in the roadmap for content additions and updates. While we would not want for players to eliminate their expectations for romance or sex options, you never know if the Slavic Magic team add any through future updates.

Romance options are pretty popular and common in recent RPG games belonging to different subgenres, and players are rooting for more character romance options in AAA and medium budget indie game titles.

A Steam user on the game’s official Steam forum asked whether the developers have “Any romance plan?” “This game looks comfy, but adding romance could be a big bonus. Since the game has no release date, I hope you [Slavic Magic] will think about this idea.” said user AntiGreedy on Steam.

Manor Lords is available to play on Steam via early access on April 24.

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