Does Invictus Have The Best Solo Laners At Worlds?

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Does Invictus Have The Best Solo Laners At Worlds?

Day one of the League of Legends semi finals was a lesson that the best laid plans don’t always work, as G2 sought out to break the will and spirit of Ivictus’s youngest player, Theshy and Rookie proved that they are not threats to be ignored. At one point Theshy was averaging 1K damage per minute, and lead his team to victory in this three game sweep. Perhaps Invictus not only has the best midlaner in the tournament, but toplaner as well.

Game One

This game was a mugging, a carjacking, where Invictus took control early and did not let off the gas until they crashed into and destroyed G2’s nexus. From the draft Invictus had the upper hand. G2 had a clear strategy of pressuring the seventeen year old prodigy JackeyLove. Leveling two target bans at him in the first round. However unbeknownst to G2, JackeyLove is very familiar and comfortable on Lucian. And with a Boalan securing a Braum to facilitate him in lane, Jackey showed absolutely no fear and quickly bullied Hjarnan’s Sivir into submission.

But the real story took place in the solo lanes. With Theshy picking up a first pick Akali and Rookie pulling out the pocket pick Jayce, the pressure and pace they set was insurmountable for G2’s Perkz and Wunder. Invictus picked up first blood and first tower as well as first dragon in quick succession.

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The snowball was rolling and would not be stopped. Akali and Jayce were putting on a clinic, Lucian was ice skating through fights laying down huge damage, and Ning’s Jarvan was engaging with impunity. Winner: Invictus.

Game Two

If game one of this series was a carjacking, this game started out more like a drag race. Early aggression on both sides led to an exciting start as the two teams set a pace of one kill per minute for the first six minutes of this game. Trading blow for blow, G2 showed the first signs of life. But the wheels quickly fell off. While their continued strategy of target banning JackeyLove technically paid off, meaning is wasn’t his Ezreal running around slaughtering people, the neglect showed to the solo lanes took its toll.

Allowing the problematic Jayce through bans again proved a costly mistake as this time Theshy took over and proceeded to dominate the top lane. Abusing the range advantage over Wunder’s Aatrox he raked up a substantial gold and level lead for himself, eventually reaching true raid boss status. Meanwhile Rookie’s Leblanc was exerting similar pressure over midlane. While G2 gave flashes of hope, the two solo laners proved far too powerful to be stopped. Winner: Invictus.

Game three

Seeming to have finally come out on the upper hand in the draft, G2 started out game three in spectacular fashion. With the thorn that was Jayce removed from their sides, and counter pick Lissandra to answer rookies Leblanc, G2 took an early lead. Jankos helped Wunder achieve some much needed vengeance on Theshy. Invading the Lee sin of Invictus and quickly turning on the LPL top laner, G2 secured a quick two kill lead. This lead continued to extend through the early stages of the game. However, small incidental mistakes accumulated to eventually spell disaster. I greedy play, a botched dive and a well timed flank on the Side of Invictus quickly brought the game to even.G2 fell into the best plan they had at the time, Wunder’s Irelia could hold her own in a one versus one with the Aatrox of Theshy, the split push call was made. However, a Baron sneak for Invictus finally tipped the scales in their favor. Just as quickly and the Baron was secured, the power play that followed secured the sweep. Winner: Invictus.

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