Does FF7 Rebirth Require you to Have Played FF7 Remake?

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Does FF7 Rebirth Require you to Have Played FF7 Remake?

FF7 Rebirth is about to arrive on the market, but there are still some users who have doubts about it. In 2020, Square Enix decided to give new life to one of the most beloved chapters of Final Fantasy, namely the seventh chapter, starting a remake process. However, unlike the remakes made for other games, this one has been divided into three parts since the developers have decided to greatly expand the story and vicissitudes of Cloud and his friends. For this reason, there has been some confusion about it. In this article, however, you will find all the answers you need.

Can You Play FF7 Rebirth Without Having Played FF7 Remake?

The answer to this question is generally no. Since the developers decided to make this remake by dividing it into three different parts, the best thing to do in order to fully understand the story and what the development team wants to communicate is to play the various parts in order (possibly also playing the DLC of the first part). In this way, in fact, you will have all the basis to be able to understand what will happen in FF7 Rebirth.

FF7 Rebirth

Obviously, nothing prevents you from playing FF7 Rebirth without having played the first part of the remake, but this will have a major impact on your final experience. There will certainly be things, especially if you have never had the opportunity to play the original game, that will not be clear to you and therefore you will have to find other ways (such as an Internet search) to understand what is really happening. We remind you that the world of FF7 has been expanded and revisited in some parts, so even those who have played the original could find themselves disoriented in some situations.

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However, in case you don't want or have the ability to play FF7 Remake, one of the developers has stated that before the game starts, there will be an introductory movie that will summarize what happened in the previous chapter and in Crisis Core. By doing so, you will be able to have a general knowledge of the events preceding what you will experience during your adventure. In any case, our personal advice is always to play the first part of the trilogy and then proceed with the second and, in the future, also with the third.

Does FF7 Rebirth Require you to Have Played FF7 Remake?
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