League of Legends: Dignitas add Invert to LCS Coaching Staff

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League of Legends: Dignitas add Invert to LCS Coaching Staff

With the 2020 LCS season just weeks away, Dignitas has made another addition to its coaching setup in the form of  Gabriel “Invert” Zoltan-Johan. He will join as the LCS side as Assistant Coach.

Invert is the former Head Coach of FlyQuest and he’ll now work alongside Dignitas Head Coach Thomas “Thinkcard” Slotkin. The signing of Invert now concludes the Dignitas 2020 set up after the team confirmed its full LCS and Academy rosters.

Speaking about the news on Twitter, Invert said: “The first LCS team I was ever a fan of was the OG Rock Solid/Dignitas squad. Super excited to be a part of Dignitas in 2020 and even more excited to bring this team to the top!”

The two Dignitas rosters are as followed:

LCS Roster

Top – Huni

Jungler – Grig

Mid – Froggen

ADC – Johnsun

Support – Aphromoo

Academy Roster

Top –  Rodov

Jungle – Akaadian

Mid – Damonte

ADC – Fenix

Support – Olleh

Dignitas’ Rocky Start to LCS Life

The core roster had its issues in the preseason with rumors suggesting that Dignitas was having problems finalizing its 2020 roster due to the Huni deal costing the organization one-third of its total budget. This came after reports suggested that Huni would be earning $2.3 million in guaranteed money over the course of the next two years of his contract. Eventually, Dignitas pulled through and put together a decent roster mixed with experience and youthful promise.

The side's Academy roster is also looking like a strong contender for the Academy title. It’s hard to imagine the Dignitas we wrote about after the Huni news broke ever ending the preseason this strong. The roster put together is a testament to the Dignitas staff, even if the Huni deal still seems a little wild.

League of Legends: Dignitas add Invert to LCS Coaching Staff
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