DIG eXyu Continues Banter With Jensen

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DIG eXyu Continues Banter With Jensen

Will DIG eXyu continue his fine form as he faces a rampant Cloud9 in week 2?

Lawrence Lin “eXyu” Xu returned to the LCS stage this past weekend as part of the new Dignitas setup. It was a day to remember for the North American Jungler, putting on a clinic as they took down Immortals to pick up their first 2024 LCS Spring Split win. And while they did drop a game to the defending champions NRG, for a while, it was an entertaining game nonetheless. Following their first week in the LCS, ESTNN had the opportunity to sit down again with Dignitas's eXyu. We spoke about the banter with Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen, the changes to the LCS broadcast, and more.

A Solid Entry Into The LCS For DIG eXyu

Marn: Thank you for taking the time to talk to me today. How was it being back on the LCS stage?

DIG eXyu: “It was great to be back on the LCS stage. This time I definitely enjoyed myself a lot more and felt much less stressed than the last time I was here. I think a big part of that is being a starter on a team that I know I’m going to be working with as opposed to just randomly subbing in in an already dire situation.”

Marn: What were your thoughts going into your first game, and were they eased at all given your opponent? You said on Twitter you were undefeated against Immortals [laughs].

DIG eXyu: “Honestly, I wasn’t too stressed about it, but I’d argue that it was more stressful to play vs IMT than NRG since there’s an expectation to beat IMT. Against NRG, I was confident we could win as well, but I approached it more as a litmus test of our ability and just wanted to see how I could do against a team that’s more experienced in a stage game.”

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Marn: You were on the new LCS podcast, and Jensen had some strong words for Korean Imports, hinting at your teammates; now that it has been 24 hours, do you have anything to say on the matter or any clapback words for Jensen?

DIG eXyu: “I already told him I’m going to have that clip ready for when Dove gaps him, so I’m not too worried about it anymore [laughs]. I’m excited to play vs. FLY, though. It’s always fun to play vs. good Junglers, and I have a lot of respect for Inspired.”

Marn: You go up against Cloud9 in your next game of the split, are they as good as everyone has been hyping them up to be? You at least said they were harder scrim partners than FlyQuest [laughs].

DIG eXyu: “Cloud9 is pretty good I mean they have arguably the best player in 3-4 individual roles and they’ve mostly all played together before so they’re definitely the biggest threat. The thing about them being harder than Flyquest was mostly a joke since we lose to both of them but I personally think Cloud9 is a more intimidating team.”

Marn: You guys will be playing on 14.2 the next time you step on the stage; what have been your thoughts playing on the live patch? Should fans expect much difference going into week 2?

DIG eXyu: “I think it’ll be interesting to be the first ones on the new patch. Can't say too much about how different it’ll be, but I’m sure it’ll be exciting for fans.”

Marn: The LCS has changed how champion selection works during the broadcast. How has that change been for you?

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DIG eXyu: “The change is pretty nice honestly. You get a bit more time to mentally prepare to play and at least for me it made me feel more comfortable on stage.”

Marn: When we last spoke, you said Dignitas was planning on bringing back the game house style to help the imports embed better into the team. Has this been something they followed through on?

DIG eXyu: “Yeah, we’re all living in a house together, and it’s been pretty nice. Definitely the language barriers are still a struggle but out of game we get along pretty well so I’m excited to keep working on our in game stuff together as a team.”

Marn: You have looked great in your opening two games in front of a live audience. Would you say you are one of those players who thrive under that pressure and plays better than you would if it was online?

DIG eXyu: “Honestly I don’t know [laughs]. I think I get nervous and shaky just like everyone else but it seems like I manage to clutch up in important moments whether I feel comfortable or not. I definitely feel like I play better under less pressure, but when the moment really comes I think I usually step up and perform”

Marn: Finally, is there anything you would like to say to the Dignitas fans?

DIG eXyu: “Thank you to all the dig fans who are giving us a shot again. I know historically we haven’t had the best performances but I want to do everything I can to give you all a team that you feel happy to stand behind and cheer on!”

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