Diablo Immortal Blood Knight is Available Today

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Diablo Immortal Blood Knight is Available Today

Diablo Immortal Blood Knight, is available today. The seventh class, available exclusively for Diablo Immortal, brings to light the monster that lurked in the shadows, in order to save Sanctuary once more. All Blood Knights are trained in an ancient style of spear fighting mastered by their Order in Gea Kul. Having an ethereal connection with the other Blood Knights, they must be resilient and fight the darkness within with a specific ritual to hold their power and continue to fight the forces that threaten Sanctuary.

Diablo Immortal new class in the Blood Knight

The Blood Knight class is available for free to all players starting today. Discover the origins of the Blood Knights through a new story-focused elite quest and experience their torment, necessary to harness the curse and prevent them from turning into conscienceless slaves. The Blood Knight is a hybrid melee class that devours the life of its enemies, traps them in summoned shadows, and eliminates any opposition with knightly polearms. These are its attacks:

  • Shadowblade: A primary attack that can slash or throw a dagger.
  • Bat Swarm: Summons a swarm of bats that deal damage and move on command.
  • Bloodletting: Steal health from nearby enemies.
  • Abomination: Kill enemies and absorb their blood to become more powerful, granting the Blood Rush and
  • Crushing Fists abilities.
  • Spit: Impales an enemy and stuns nearby ones.
  • Mephitic Cloud: Dark mists obscure enemies' field of vision.
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This class has new combat mechanics. In fact, each weapon set provides a stance, and different stance effects can be achieved by switching weapons during combat. Posture effects are attribute bonuses with a temporary benefit and a 15-20 second cooldown when the posture is changed. Postures are available for each class.

“It's very thrilling to finally introduce the Blood Knight to Sanctuary,” said Peiwen Yao, executive producer. “This vampire class brings dynamic and hybrid melee abilities, giving players the choice between physical attacks and blood magic, or something in between! We can't wait to see what they'll be capable of making players with this new skill kit.”

“Diablo Immortal's first year set the standard for the arrival of this iconic game to mobile platforms,” said Rod Fergusson, general manager of Diablo. “Now we've gone one step further: With the debut of the ethereal Blood Knight, Diablo's first new class in nearly a decade, we're bringing a different champion of darkness to Sanctuary. We invite anyone to join us in celebrating a year of extermination of demons, regardless of experience level in Diablo Immortal.”

Diablo Immortal Blood Knight is Available Today
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