Destiny 2 Season of the Wish Artifact Complete Guide

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Destiny 2 Season of the Wish Artifact Complete Guide

The new season of Destiny 2 offers players a new artifact, probably the most powerful one we have seen in the game. The Destiny 2 Season of the Wish artifact, in fact, brings back into the game some perks from previous seasons loved by players, as well as some Solar and Stasis passives. In this article, therefore, we will tell you in detail everything you need to know about the Queensfoil Censer artifact.

How does the Destiny 2 Season of the Wish artifact work?

This Destiny 2 Season of the Wish artifact is unlocked as soon as you have completed the introductory mission of this new season. Don't worry about having to operate this mission in particular ways, as, fortunately, it will start automatically as soon as you start the game. In any case, once you come into possession of the Destiny 2 Season of the Wish artifact, you will have the opportunity to unlock the passives. However, be aware that to unlock them, you will need to gain experience.

The Queensfoil Censer artifact is divided into five different columns, each of which has different passives. The first column is already unlocked by default, while the others can be unlocked as you unlock passives in the previous column. For clarity, the second column is unlocked once you have acquired three passives from the previous column; the third requires five; the fourth requires seven; and, finally, the fifth requires 10. Below, however, is a detailed list of all passives present in each column of this Destiny 2 Season of the Wish artifact.

  • Column one:
    • Piercing Sidearms
    • Unstoppable Hand Cannon
    • Unstoppable Bow
    • Overload Auto Rifle
    • Overload Pulse Rifle
  • Column two:
    • Flame, Fiber, And Freeze
    • Kindling Trigger
    • Blast Radius
    • Origin Perk Specialization I
    • From Whence You Came
  • Column three:
    • Flint Striker
    • Torch
    • Heart of the Flame
    • Origin Perk Specialization II
    • Wished Into Being
  • Column four:
    • Unraveling Orb
    • Pillar of Ice
    • Revitalizing Blast
    • Overload Rocket Launchers
    • Dragon's Bite
  • Column five:
    • Horde Shuttle
    • Hail the Storm
    • Rays of Precision
    • Solo Operative
    • Argent Ordnance
Skull and Bones Premium Edition

In case you decide to change passives, you can decide to automatically reset the entire Destiny 2 Season of the Wish artifact and recompose it from the beginning, or you can decide to manually deselect the passives that you are no longer using. In any case, to have a more complete vision of the various Queensfoil Censer artifact mods that are present in this Destiny 2 Season of the Wish artifact, below we provide you with an overview of each of them.

Destiny 2 Season of the Wish artifact

Column one

  • Piercing Sidearms: The shields of Barrier Champions are penetrated by your equipped Sidearms. That modifier also always causes Sidearms to be Overcharged.
  • Unstoppable Hand Cannon: It only takes a few seconds to aim down sights to load an explosive round that will stun Unstoppable Champions. Furthermore, when that modifier is in effect, Hand Cannons are always Overcharged.
  • Unstoppable Bow: Unstoppable Champions will be stunned by an explosive arrow that can be loaded by aiming down sights for a few seconds. Additionally, when that modifier is in effect, bows are always overcharged.
  • Overload Auto Rifle: Overload Champions are stunned by successive hits from an Auto Rifle. Not only that, but Auto Rifles are overcharged at all times when that modifier is engaged.
  • Overload Pulse Rifle: Overload Champions will be stunned if you use a pulse rifle to hit them consecutively. And while that modifier is in effect, Pulse Rifles are always Overcharged.

Column two

  • Flame, Fiber, and Freeze: Combines the Solar/Stasis Siphon and Solar/Strand mods into a single mod.
  • Kindling Trigger: Solar weapons apply scorch to combatants who have not yet been scorched due to Radiant.
  • Blast Radius: Armor Charge is awarded for quick, decisive strikes with rocket launchers and grenade launchers.
  • Origin Perk Specialization I: Enhances the advantages offered by Nano-Munitions, Nanotech Tracer Rockets, and Sundering Origin Traits. In addition, while that modifier is active, weapons having these origin traits are always Overcharged.
  • From Whence You Came: Increase the combatants' ability damage to Scorn and Taken.

Column three

  • Flint Striker: Radiant is bestowed upon those who can deliver precise and swift strikes with their solar weapon.
  • Torch: Deal more weapon damage to combatants under the effects of the Strand and Stasis debuffs while you're radiant.
  • Heart of the Flame: When you cast your Solar Super, it increases the damage of your Super for each nearby ally and grants Radiant to nearby allies.
  • Origin Perk Specialization II: Enhances the advantages brought about by the origin traits of Dragon's Vengeance, Noble Deeds, Unsated Hunger, and Head Rush. Furthermore, while that modifier is in effect, weapons with these origin traits are always Overcharged.
  • Wished Into Being: Final blows that occur when your Super is almost fully charged will produce Orbs of Power. The Super amount threshold is lowered when wearing Season of the Wish armor.
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Column four

  • Unraveling Orbs: Unraveling Rounds are awarded to Strand weapons upon retrieving an Orb of Power.
  • Pillar of Ice: Crystals of stasis appear when a combatant with armor is defeated.
  • Revitalizing Blast: When a Solar ability is used to deal damage, bosses and Champions become weaker temporarily.
  • Overload Rocket Launchers: When it comes to Overload Champions, rocket launchers are extremely useful. When that modifier is active, rocket launchers are also always overcharged.
  • Dragon's Bite: When a combatant's shield is broken by a Strand or Stasis weapon, the combatant may become suspended or frozen. This chance is increased by wearing armor from the Season of the Wish.

Column five

  • Horde Shuttle: A Threadling will occasionally spawn when a weapon is used to damage Unraveled targets.
  • Hail the Storm: Increased damage is dealt when encased targets and stasis crystals are broken. Ice shards that damage and slow targets are released when stasis crystals break.
  • Rays of Precision: Combatants ignite when struck by precise, radiant blows from the sun.
  • Solo Operative: You inflict more damage to all fighters when you are the only member of your fireteam.
  • Argent Ordnance: Up to the point at which you reload or stow your rocket launcher, firing a rocket launcher consumes one stack of armor charge, increasing damage and reload speed.

Destiny 2 Season of the Wish artifact

Destiny 2 Season of the Wish Artifact Complete Guide
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