Destiny 2 Chivalric Fire Sword: How to Get it

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Destiny 2 Chivalric Fire Sword: How to Get it

In addition to new challenges, the Destiny 2 Season of the Wish also brought with it some new weapons for players to obtain. This is the case, for example, of the Destiny 2 Chivalric Fire sword, which allows you to kill enemies from a distance while also giving you the possibility of having beneficial effects for you. In this article, therefore, we will explain in detail how to obtain the Destiny 2 Chivalric Fire sword.

How to get the Destiny 2 Chivalric Fire sword

To acquire this weapon, you must achieve Rank 16 with one of the game's ritual vendors. You have the flexibility to pick your preference among Zavala, overseeing Vanguard Ops and Nightfalls; Lord Shaxx, managing the Crucible; and the Drifter, in charge of Gambit. Consequently, your task involves engaging in one of these game modes to elevate your rank.

For those who thrive on teamwork and coordinated efforts, the path through Gambit emerges as the quickest route to reach rank 16. The collaborative synergy propels your progress, making Gambit an attractive option for those who relish cooperative victories. On the flip side, solo players navigating Destiny 2's expansive realms are advised to focus on the revered grounds of Hero-tier Nightfalls. In the pursuit of excellence, these challenging Nightfalls serve as a proving ground where individual skill and determination become the key factors in attaining the coveted rank of 16.

To enhance your progression, it's crucial to concentrate on a single mode. Directing your efforts toward your preferred crucible streamlines your journey, enabling guardians to refine their skills and boost efficiency. Whether diving into the strategic chaos of Gambit or tackling the intense trials of Hero-tier Nightfalls, dedication to a specific path lays the groundwork for achieving the coveted Rank 16, unlocking access to the weapon you've been dreaming of.

Destiny 2 Chivalric Fire ornaments

The Destiny 2 Chivalric Fire has the same ornament system as the other ritual weapons in the game. Thus, each ritual vendor is in possession of a unique ornament for the weapon. If you want to get all the ornaments in the Season of the Wish, therefore, you will have to level up all the vendors. Below are the ornaments you can unlock.

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Vanguard Warmth

To obtain this type of ornament, you will have to reset your Vanguard Rank with Zavala before reaching level 16 again. This is therefore a fairly time-consuming process, so our advice is to focus on Nightfalls to speed up the entire process as much as possible. If you're eyeing that special ornament from Zavala, here's the lowdown. You've got to go a bit hardcore—we're talking resetting your Vanguard Rank with Zavala before hitting level 16 again. Resetting your Vanguard Rank with Zavala means wiping the slate clean, erasing all those hard-earned points and badges. It might sting a bit, but it's the price you pay for that exclusive ornament.

Destiny 2 Chivalric Fire Sword

Phoenix Flame

Securing this ornament is going to take a bit of a power move; you've got to reset your Valor Rank with none other than Lord Shaxx before hitting that level 16 milestone again. The Glory Rank is taking a backseat on this one. So, there is no need to break into a cold sweat over your Glory stats. Resetting your Valor Rank is like hitting the reset button on a high-stakes game. You'll be wiping the slate clean, erasing all those victories and defeats in the Crucible. It might sound like a daunting task, but think of it as a rite of passage—a chance to prove you're not just in it for the loot but for the sheer thrill of the battle. Sure, reaching that level 16 again might seem like a distant goal, but it's worth it.

Destiny 2 Chivalric Fire Sword

Drifting Blaze

Bagging this ornament is going to require a bit of a gambit. You've got to throw a curveball into the mix and reset your Infamy Rank with the one and only Drifter before hitting that level 16 threshold again. Resetting your Infamy Rank is like hitting the reset button on a thrilling space heist. You're wiping the slate clean, erasing all those successful bank heists and close calls with the enemy team. Now, here's a pro-tip to navigate this infamy reset hustle: focus on gambling matches. They're the express lane to your goal, the warp-speed option in the race to level 16.

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Destiny 2 Chivalric Fire Sword

Destiny 2 Chivalric Fire perks

Within the expansive arsenal of weapons in Destiny 2, the Chivalric Fire stands as a testament to the meticulous integration of perks designed to enhance the Guardian's experience on the battlefield. Embodying the Void Caster Frame archetype, this sword distinguishes itself with the ability to unleash explosive projectiles, offering a dynamic and formidable approach to combat engagements.

Among its repertoire of perks, the Chivalric Fire boasts the Relentless Strikes and Attrition Orbs functionalities. These perks afford Guardians the ability to tactically generate multiple Orbs of Power while engaged in the fervor of battle, providing a strategic advantage and reinforcing the importance of well-timed strikes against adversaries.

Adding to its multifaceted capabilities, the Chivalric Fire incorporates the Repulsor Brace and Destabilizing Rounds perks. This combination empowers wielders to generate a Void Overshield, adding a layer of defensive prowess to their offensive repertoire. The synergy between these perks not only showcases the weapon's adaptability but also reinforces the importance of a balanced approach to encounters.

Crucially, it's worth noting that while these perks contribute significantly to the Chivalric Fire's utility, they are thoughtfully calibrated to prevent the weapon from tipping into the realm of overpowered capabilities. This meticulous balance ensures that the Chivalric Fire remains a valuable asset without undermining the integrity of the gameplay dynamics, a consideration that distinguishes it from instances where certain weapons can disproportionately influence the gaming experience.

In essence, the Chivalric Fire serves as more than just a weapon; it becomes an accessible entry point for those who may be less familiar with this genre of gaming. Its versatile perks not only enrich the gameplay experience for seasoned Guardians but also provide an excellent introduction for those embarking on their journey within the immersive world of Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Chivalric Fire Sword

Destiny 2 Chivalric Fire Sword: How to Get it
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