Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Update 1 Patch Notes

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Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Update 1 Patch Notes

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Update 1 Patch Notes.

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Update 1 Patch Notes are here and it's a big list of fixes. The update is a big one, adding a new biome in the Salt Pits, new enemy types, new Artifacts, and new Steam Achievements. The update also includes lots of new balance updates, alongside some quality-of-life updates.

Update with hotfix

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Patch 0.2.190d

  • Fixed a performance issue with the Breach Cutter
  • Throttled some impact VFX on the Shard Diffractor when many enemies are present.
  • Audio: Fixed BRN Shield Belt and FRZ Shield belt audios not obeying the SFX volume slider
  • Audio: Fixed Falling Stalagmite audio not obeying the SFX volume slider
  • Audio: Fixed the PlasmaBurster grenade audio not pausing correctly

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Update 1 Patch Notes

New Biome: Salt Pits

The pod is ready to take you to a brand new biome of Hoxxes IV – the Salt Pits.

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  • New Enemy: Q’ronar Youngling
  • New Enemy: Q’ronar Youngling “Mini Elite”

Falling rocks and dense terrain are not the only challenges in the Salt Pits. We’re introducing the Q’ronar Youngling – a pesky little creep that rolls after you and bounces when hitting terrain. The larger “mini elite” version that spawns intermittently in stages can even roll through the rocks and stones of the Salt Pits and carve out tunnels.

  • New Artifact: The MoCap – Increases your damage by 1% for every % of missing HP
  • New Artifact: Salty Pretzel – Increases your armor by 1 for every 2% of missing HP
  • New Artifact: Miner’s Manual – +10% damage, +10% reload speed, +5% crit chance, +20% crit damage

New Steam Achievements:

  • Close Call – Kill the Dreadnought with less than 30 HP left
  • Hoxxes Manual – Die 3 times
  • Why So Salty? – Reach 50 armor



  • To make room for Salt Pits in the biome and hazard level progression, we have changed the requirements to unlock different hazard levels. Some players may find that they no longer have access to some of the higher hazard levels. On the flip side, they will have access to new hazard levels in Salt Pits, and many more biome goals to earn.
  • The biome goal for Magma Core hazard 4 has had its requirement reduced from “Mine 300 Nitra” to “Mine 275 Nitra”
  • The biome goal for Hollow Bough Hazard 4 has had its requirement reduced from “Mine 600 Gold” to “Mine 550 Gold”
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Weapons The following weapons have all had their overclocks unlocked from the start:

  • Deepcore GK2 as Classic Scout
  • “Lead Storm” Powered Minigun as Weapons Specialist Gunner
  • Subata 120 as Foreman Driller
  • LMG Gun Platform as Maintenance Worker Engineer

Hi-Volt Thunderbird:

  • Damage increased from 12 to 16
  • Status effect stack increased from 1 to 3
  • Targets zapped increased from 2 to 3

LOK-1 Smart Rifle:

  • Increased damage from 35 to 44
  • Reduced lock-on time from 0.2 to 0.15

CRSPR Flamethrower:

  • Increased initial damage from 20 to 28

Voltaic Stun Sweeper:

  • Reduced reload time from 3 to 2 seconds

Colette Wave Cooker:

  • Increased initial damage from 80 to 94
  • Increased status effect stacks from 6 to 8

Incendiary Grenade:

  • Increased impact damage from 75 to 85

Breach Cutter:

  • Increased damage from 25 to 32
  • Increased status effect stacks from 2 to 4

High Explosive Grenade:

  • Reduced fuse time from 2 to 1.5 seconds

M1000 Classic:

  • Reduced damage from 145 to 140
  • Reduced fire rate from 0.5/s to 0.45/s

“Thunderhead” Heavy Autocannon:

  • Reduced damage from 100 to 92
  • Reduced fire rate from 2.86/s to 2.5/s

Seismic Repulsor:

  • Reduced damage from 20 to 18
  • Reduced turret triggering speed from 1.33/s to 0.83/s

Artifacts Pay2Win Console:

  • Increased gold cost and duration from 10 to 50

Clipboard of Grudges:

  • Increased experience gained by 50%

FRZ Shield Belt:

  • Increased damage from 80 to 100
  • Increased status effect stacks from 50 to 65

BRN Shield Belt:

  • Increased damage from 120 to 140
  • Increased status effect stacks from 50 to 65

Popup Tripod:

  • Increased max stacks from 10 to 15
  • Increased duration from 2 to 3 seconds
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Improvements & Fixes

  • Save Data Backup System
  • Fixed the Coilgun getting offered the same Mining Damage overclock twice
  • Fixed the Seismic Repulsor getting offered the same Cryo overclock twice
  • Fixed error in Coilgun damage tracking (it was over-reporting its damage)
  • Fixed end screen hazard stripes being overlaid on top of the header text
  • Partial fix for the Dreadnought charging out of the map resulting in a run you can’t complete. He still does it, but should now die from it so you can complete the run.
  • Fixed an issue where the drop pod could land on top of the supply pod and block the entrance so you could not finish the run
  • A whole bunch of weapons should now correctly pause their audio during times where the game is paused (level ups, shop screens etc)
  • Fixed an issue where minimap edges would not have the correct color when mining the block above it
  • Fixed an issue that would make the UI stuck when leveling up and looting the supply pod at the same time
  • Fixed an issue where the Hi-Volt Thunderbird drones where considered a Scout weapon instead of an Engineer weapon
  • Fixed an issue where the Drippin Balls overlock would show up as Balanced instead of Unstable
  • Fixed an issue where loot bugs would get more HP if the aliens grew stronger in the previous stage
  • Fixed a bug where the damage decrease from Squint-EE5 did not apply correctly
  • Fixed an issue where Cluster grenades would detonate in air (they are now slower to detonate)
  • Fixed an issue where enemy health bars would be briefly visible near the player
  • Fixed an issue where the Seismic Repulsor was showing 0 damage in details screen
  • Fixed an interaction between Armor Grease and Barley Bulb Juice that could lead to an unintended increase or decrease in movement speed


  • Fixed issues where text strings were displayed with multiple different fonts
  • Improved several language's performance in hopes of removing stutters caused when loading text
  • Added 7 new Languages:
  1. Polish
  2. Bulgarian
  3. Dutch
  4. Czech
  5. Romanian
  6. Turkish
  7. Spanish (Latin-American)
Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Update 1 Patch Notes
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