Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Red Sugar: How to Get it

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Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Red Sugar: How to Get it

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor is a game in which you will not only have to defeat alien creatures, but you will also have to hunt for resources. One of these resources is the Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Red Sugar, one of the most important resources to obtain because you will need it to increase your level and be able to face increasingly powerful enemies.

How to Get Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Red Sugar

You can find Red Sugar inside the walls of different areas underwater. It looks like a big red rock. But you can't just pick it up like that. You need to mine it, which means you have to break it from the wall to use it. However, don't mistake it for another resource you can find in the game. In fact, Red Sugar is not the same as another red thing called Nitra. Nitra comes in groups, like a bunch of grapes, while Red Sugar is more like a single big berry.

To get Red Sugar, you have to hit it several times after walking into it. Sometimes, small creatures called Loot Bugs carry Red Sugar around. They're like little bugs carrying treats. When you hit them, they drop the Red Sugar on the ground. But be careful, you can only pick it up in certain situations, like when it's safe. So, be patient and kill all the enemies nearby first.

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Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Red Sugar

Red Sugar is like a magical health potion in Deep Rock Galactic Survivor. But here's the catch: you can only grab it when your health isn't already full. It's like using a bandage in other games. If a small miner who has a full health bar digs up some Red Sugar, they won't collect it. Instead, it will drop to the ground for someone else to pick up if they're hurt. If a miner with good health tries to collect red sugar, they will see a message saying they don't need it. Since they can't carry Red Sugar, they can't put it in the storage robot or take it back to base.

But how can you exactly use it? In this article, we will tell you everything you should know. Here's a clever strategy: first, weaken the Red Sugar mineral with your pickaxe. Then, when you need to heal, rush to it and finish mining it. This way, you can scoop it up and feel better in no time. Another option is to mine it and leave it on the ground. But be careful; it might vanish or get snatched by pesky alien enemies.

Sweet Tooth makes the Red Sugar heal you more, but it doesn't give you more of it when you mine it. At its best level, it makes you heal 30% more (up to 78HP from one spot) and also makes you move 20% faster for 10 seconds after you collect it. Using Sweet Tooth means you can heal more with each bit of Red Sugar, so you don't need to use as much and can save some for your friends. Finally, if you collect red sugar while using Iron Will, you won't get knocked out when Iron Will stops working.

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Red Sugar: How to Get it
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