Deep Rock Galactic Survivor PS5 & Xbox – Is it on Console?

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Deep Rock Galactic Survivor PS5 & Xbox – Is it on Console?

Is there a Deep Rock Galactic Survivor PS5 edition or Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Xbox? These are your options for playing the title on console.

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor has just launched on PC! It’s a new take on the experience, with a Survivor twist on classic gameplay. The title has already dropped on Steam, but with some of the usual concerns about early in development games. It’s in early access. What does this mean for a Deep Rock Galactic Survivor PS5 release or Xbox? Will the game be released on these platforms too?

Early Access games on PC can be weird. Some titles stay in Early Access for a while they roll out through multiple consoles or even streaming services. A great recent example is PalWorld on Xbox. However, others are only available on the more open Steam platform until they’re fully polished. This is what we know about a Deep Rock Galactic Survivor console release in the future.

Is There A Deep Rock Galactic Survivor PS5 Release?

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At the moment, Deep Rock Galactic Survivor on PS5 isn’t available. The game isn’t currently on the platform. It isn’t on PlayStation 5, or PlayStation 4. This hasn’t been written off entirely though. As we’ll explain, developers have made some noise about launching more widely in the future.

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As they’re focusing on fine-tuning the game in early access, a PS5 release isn’t currently lined up. There isn’t a release date yet. We might get one eventually though.

Is There a Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Xbox Release?

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The game isn’t coming to PlayStation immediately. What about Xbox though? The Microsoft platform has a bit of a stronger history in getting PC games earlier, it has more familiar architecture than the PlayStation for quicker PC ports. Helped in some part by Game Pass, being available across console and PC. Is there a Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Xbox release?

At the moment, the game isn’t available on Xbox. Just like a Deep Rock Galactic Survivor PS5 release though, it isn’t confirmed to be skipping consoles entirely. We might still get a release on both consoles eventually. If you want to play right now though, console isn’t an option.

Will It Come to Console?

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor PS5 Xbox

At the moment, there isn’t a Deep Rock Galactic Survivor PS5 release planned. Will that change in the future though? The roadmap makes things a bit clearer. We don’t have a confirmed release for Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Xbox. However, we do know what direction the development is going on.

A post by the developers of the title have talked about where the game is headed. They’re beginning in early access to get more of an idea about what players are expecting from the game. What’s working and what needs changing. At the moment, the roadmap covers more gameplay-focused developments than more platforms. They’re looking at adding more biomes, weapons, and other aspects. Although, a console release isn’t planned for the next few updates.

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This would mean a potential Deep Rock Galactic Survivor PS5 release would be quite a bit away. We might not see the game come to these other platforms until 2025. Developers of the title have previously moved games to console after PC. It's possible this title will have a similar trajectory. Start in early access, and hit consoles once it's polished enough.

It’s worth keeping in mind that players on console will be jumping into a more finished game by then though. For now, Deep Rock Galactic Survivor is focused on polishing the game as it is. We shouldn’t write off a console release further down the line for the title though

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor PS5 & Xbox – Is it on Console?
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