Dead by Daylight Stranger Things is Finally Back!

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Dead by Daylight Stranger Things is Finally Back!

Dead by Daylight Stranger Things DLC is back to celebrate Stranger Things Day

Dead by Daylight enthusiasts, brace yourselves for an exciting revival! After a two-year hiatus due to a licensing issue that brought an abrupt halt to the crossover, Dead by Daylight is all set to reintroduce the highly anticipated Dead by Daylight Stranger Things DLC. This thrilling partnership between the hit video game and the popular Stranger Things franchise is returning in celebration of Stranger Things Day (November 6).

Dead by Daylight Stranger Things Chapter Finally Returns Two Years Later

The unexpected pause in this crossover collaboration left fans eagerly awaiting its return. Now, their patience is finally being rewarded as Dead by Daylight rekindles the supernatural atmosphere and nail-biting suspense inspired by the Stranger Things universe.

Behavior Interactive, the creative minds behind the gripping horror game Dead By Daylight, has officially confirmed the long-awaited return of the immensely popular Stranger Things Chapter. This exciting revival brings back beloved characters such as survivors Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington, along with the terrifying Demogorgon. Mathieu Côté, the Head of Partnerships at Behaviour Interactive, has voiced his genuine enthusiasm for rekindling this exceptional collaboration with Netflix.

“We’re thrilled to renew this collaboration with Netflix, to bring back the Stranger Things Chapter, including the Underground Complex Map from the Hawkins National Laboratory, and the iconic Survivor duo composed of Nancy Wheeler, a tough aspiring journalist, and Steve Harrington, a former high school jock with a knack for finding trouble,” he said.

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“We hope players who didn’t get to experience Stranger Things will take full advantage of this gaming experience today.”

Dead by Daylight players found out in November 2021 that Nancy, Steve, and The Demogorgon were removed from the in-game store, and the Hawkins Lab map was no longer part of the game's rotation. This decision was prompted by the expiration of Behaviour Interactive’s licensing agreement with Netflix.

While players could still use the Stranger Things characters in the game, they were no longer available for purchase, and the Hawkins Lab map became entirely inaccessible.

Fast forward almost two years from that point, and it's a remarkable turn of events—all of that same content has returned to the game, coinciding perfectly with the celebration of Stranger Things Day.

Dead by Daylight is No Stranger to Crossovers

Dead By Daylight, which launched in 2016, has gained recognition for its wide-ranging collection of licensed content. This extensive lineup encompasses a diverse mix of renowned horror movie villains, surprising crossovers, and beloved survivors. These elements combine to create a rich tapestry of characters that greatly contribute to the game's appeal and variety.

Dead by Light Stranger Things is Finally Back!

Photo Credit: Behaviour Interactive

Dead By Daylight has opened its gates to some truly iconic pop-culture figures, including the menacing Ghostface and the chainsaw-wielding Leatherface. Bruce Campbell, Nicolas Cage, and Ellen Ripley are some of the other popular faces you will find in the game.

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What’s In The Dead by Daylight Stranger Things DLC?

As Dead by Daylight welcomes back the Stranger Things chapter, fans will find that everything appears to be as it was in the original DLC. Nancy and Steve will once again pop up as purchasable characters besides the Demogorgon. Furthermore, the iconic Hawkins Lab map has been resurrected, providing a gripping and familiar backdrop for players to navigate and survive within.

What’s Stranger Things Day?

Netflix has officially declared November 6th as “Stranger Things Day.” This special day is dedicated to the celebration of the immensely popular TV series Stranger Things, and it features a diverse range of events that take place on social media. In addition to the online activities, fans can also look forward to the availability of limited-edition merchandise.

Why November 6, you ask? Well, it's not a random selection. November 6th holds a special significance as it pays homage to a fictional date within the show itself. On this day in the Stranger Things narrative, the character Will Byers mysteriously disappeared into the enigmatic Upside Down during the events of Season 1. November 6th is a nod to this pivotal moment in the series, adding an extra layer of meaning to the celebration.

Dead by Daylight Stranger Things is Finally Back!
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