League of Legends: Damonte and Akaadian Joining Dignitas Academy

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League of Legends: Damonte and Akaadian Joining Dignitas Academy

Dignitas has stepped up its Academy game for 2020 with the re-signing of mid laner Tanner “Damonte” Damonte.

Damonte was with Dignitas in 2019 and there was a lot of concern in the NA community that a young talent would go to waste. While Digitas ended up signing Henrik “Froggen” Hansen for the main mid lane spot, Damonte will be looking to prove his worth to the organization that let him go.

Jungler Matthew “Akaadian” Higginbotham is also joining Dignitas Academy from Team SoloMid Academy. The fan favorite has previously been a part of Echo Fox, OpTic Gaming, and Team SoloMid. In TSM Academy, Akaadian competed with Jonathan “Grig” Armao for the starting spot before both tried out for the main TSM roster. Akaadian will now shadow Grig again, who was also signed by Dignitas into the main roster.

The Dignitas Academy roster will consist of:

Top –  Rodov

Jungle – Akaadian

Mid – Damonte

ADC – Fenix

Support – Unknown

Dignitas look set to announce the final Academy signing soon.

Here's Dignitas core roster, too:

Top – Huni

Jungler – Grig

Mid – Froggen

ADC – Johnsun

Support – Aphromoo

The core roster had its issues in preseason with rumors suggesting that Dignitas was having problems finalizing its 2020 roster due to the Huni deal costing the organization one-third of its total budget. This came after reports suggested that Huni would be earning $2.3 million in guaranteed money over the course of the next two years of his contract. Eventually, Dignitas pulled through and put together a decent roster mixed with experience and youth promise.

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As we wind down 2019, all teams are now looking to confirm starting and academy rosters. We’ll have a full recap in the new year.