CRISPR: What We Know About This New Soulslike Survival Horror Game

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CRISPR: What We Know About This New Soulslike Survival Horror Game

CRISPR is a new soulslike survival horror game developed by a single person called Clinton. The game is being developed using Unreal Engine 5 and aims to combine elements of the soulslike genre with those of survival horror and sci-fi horror.

A new Resident Evil and Alien-inspired game

CRISPR draws inspiration from iconic games such as Resident Evil and Dead Space, as well as cinematic cults such as the Alien saga. Players take on the role of John, a war veteran who has the dangerous task of retrieving samples from the facility in which the entire game is set. Obviously, as usual, something will go wrong and what seemed like a very simple mission will turn into a real fight for survival for the protagonist of the game.

CRISPR is based on the real-world gene editing technology known as CRISPR Cas9. Its core idea is grounded in this technology. The ramifications that could result from unfettered scientific progress going too far are explored in depth in the game. In fact, players must face mutant monstrosities and the terrible fallout of scientific experimentation gone wrong as they make their way through the facility's spooky halls and dimly illuminated chambers.

Developer Clinton has been open and honest about the game's development process, frequently posting updates on YouTube. Their attention to detail is evident in their emphasis on improving the AI, the fluidity of the gameplay, and the immersive mechanisms. The inclusion of a cover system, slide mechanic, and dynamic door interactions seeks to increase player engagement by presenting dramatic confrontations and strategic decision-making similar to games like The Last of Us.

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The dynamic storytelling through images and ambiance in CRISPR is one of its standout features. Players are further drawn into the creepy story by the addition of volumetric lighting, ambient effects, and precisely arranged dead bodies. It sounds promising that Clinton wants to build a setting reminiscent of old-fashioned horror films and contemporary story-driven video games.

The developer's dedication to realism is evident, as evidenced by the inclusion of unintentional civilian casualties as a result of player activities. Players are urged to carefully examine their decisions in the midst of turmoil by this factor, which adds a dimension of consequence and urgency.

CRISPR: What We Know About This New Soulslike Survival Horror Game
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