Content Warning Faces – All Face Types

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Content Warning Faces – All Face Types

Content Warning may be a horror game, but it still has a lighter nature, thanks to how the developers decided to create the characters. Players, in fact, have the possibility to choose between different Content Warning faces to use for their characters.

In this article, therefore, we will tell you the major categories of faces that are present in the game. Obviously, we cannot include all those present in the game because there are so many, without considering those that you can create yourself using ASCII code.

All Content Warning Faces

As we have already said, we will only provide you with the main faces that are present in Content Warning. For ease of consultation, we will divide them into categories, so that you can consult the ones that best suit you. Let's see, together, which face you can decide to use as that of your alter ego.


If you are a gamer who doesn't pay much attention to aesthetics, opting for these classic faces may be the best solution for you.

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If, however, you love being a little more daring and showing others that you care, you can opt for these choices.

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Lovers of minimalist things, on the other hand, will definitely love this set of faces. They are simple but effective and they will make you stand out among other players.

Solo Leveling Arise Codes July 2024

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Finally, if you want to use faces where only the eyes are visibly visible, you can opt for these below.

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*Thanks to Gromatron on Steam

Content Warning Faces – All Face Types
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