Complexity Gaming Launches Complexity Stars Gaming Division For Celebrities & Professional Athletes

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Complexity Gaming Launches Complexity Stars Gaming Division For Celebrities & Professional Athletes

J.R. Smith, Leonard Fournette, Max Holloway, Megan Anderson and more join the Complexity Stars gaming division.

North American esports organization Complexity Gaming, a GameSquare Esports company, announced today the launch of the Complexity Stars gaming initiative, where multiple professional athletes and celebrities to boost their presence in the industry. The list of athletes includes NBA Champion J.R. Smith, Super Bowl Champion Leonard Fournette and MMA fighters Max Holloway and Sean O’Malley, amongst many others.

Complexity Stars is a one-of-a-kind division that further blurs the line between gaming and pop culture. Many of the celebrities involved, such as former UFC Champion Max Holloway, have already established themselves as a well-known name in the gaming content creation space. Complexity hopes to take this to the next level with its latest initiative.

Complexity Stars Features Some of Traditional Sports Biggest Names

GameSquare Esports CEO Justina Kenna spoke to the Complexity Stars program in a press release:

“We are launching Complexity Stars with huge names in sports and entertainment,” he said. “Complexity Stars provides a platform for professional athletes and celebrities to connect with gamers in an authentic way. We are excited to launch Complexity Stars with its founding members and we look forward to adding more athlete and celebrity gamers to build the platform. Gaming is the core of Complexity Stars and an incredibly engaging way to connect gamers, athletes, and celebrities, authentically.”

The list of found members stretches across mixed martial arts, football, basketball and baseball, with more presumably due to join down the line:

  • J.R. Smith (NBA)
  • Allisha Gray (WNBA)
  • Max Holloway (UFC)
  • Sean O’Malley (UFC)
  • Megan Anderson (UFC)
  • Leonard Fournette (NFL)
  • Ronnie Stanley (NFL)
  • Edwin Rios (MLB)

What we can expect from Complexity Stars

The organization provided an outline of what to expect in the coming months as the Stars program looks to give more recognition to the athletes listed above in the gaming community:

Tournaments: Complexity will organize crossover competitions, esports tournaments, and other activations to create impactful brand integration opportunities.

Content Creation: Athletes can easily livestream and create compelling content distributed across social channels to connect with gaming and sports fans.

Brand Partnerships: Complexity will connect sponsors, create branded content and develop additional opportunities for brands to connect with fans.

It’s unclear what the immediate future holds for Complexity Stars, but there’s no denying the potential positives. Celebrity involvement in the gaming content creation space brings more exposure to the industry. Fresh off the signing of popular YouTube streamer Tim “timthetatman” Betar, Complexity Gaming has enlisted some recognizable athletes for the Stars division.

Be sure to look for the various tournaments, content and brand partnerships mentioned in the press release over the next few months!

Featured Image: Complexity Gaming

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