How to Complete Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 FNSM App Requests Pt.2

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How to Complete Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 FNSM App Requests Pt.2

Having addressed half of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 FNSM App requests, we now shift our focus to the remaining missions

As promised, we are back with our second installment of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 FNSM app requests guide. In the first piece, we discussed three FNSM missions in the game and now, we will turn our attention toward the remaining three. We will tell you when you can access them, what rewards are in store, and, of course, how you can complete these quests.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 FNSM App Requests: Howard, Graffiti Trouble, Monster in Queens

Our final batch of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 FNSM missions include Howard, Graffiti Trouble, and Monster in Queens. Below, you'll find a comprehensive breakdown of each of these missions. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of emotions as you navigate your way through these intricately crafted side quests.


Rewards: 800 XP, 2 Hero Tokens, 200 Tech Parts

Available After Completing The “Science Buddy” Main Mission 

In the lower-left region of the Financial District, you'll find Howard, the pigeon-loving guy you may recall from the first game. Press △ to take a seat alongside Howard, and he'll start sharing his past experiences with a hint of nostalgia. As you follow his gaze slightly to the right, you'll witness a large ferry gracefully cruising down the river.

How to Complete Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 FNSM App Requests Pt.2

Photo Credit: Insomniac Games

Howard will reveal that he dedicated 20 years of his life working at the factory that sits by the river, only to be laid off, and the sorrowful loss of his wife came soon after. During this challenging time, Howard will explain how his feathered friends served as his source of inspiration, motivating him to rise above his difficulties once again.

Howard will then direct your attention to the Statue of Liberty on the far left. Once you've done so, he'll whistle, summoning a circling flock of pigeons. At this point, Howard will request you to escort his pigeons up north to broaden their horizons while he prepares for his own adventure. You will find yourself guiding a flock of birds along the coastline, under the Brooklyn Bridge, and all the way to Queens, where you'll release them.

When the prompt appears, press △ to whistle, and the flock of birds will begin circling around you. After that, make your way toward the objective marker, using swinging or gliding techniques to travel along the shoreline down to Battery Park. You should make a detour around the southern tip of Manhattan and proceed in the direction of the Brooklyn Bridge. When you reach the objective marker under the bridge, activate your Web Wings and glide up the river using the Wind Tunnel.

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After leaving the Wind Tunnel, you'll encounter a large group of sailboats ahead. Glide through them or you can consider web zipping to their masts to travel faster. Turn to the right afterward. Proceed through the developed area of Queens and into the suburbs. Howard will contact you, and you'll update him on the birds' new location. He'll express his gratitude, mentioning that not many people have been kind to him in his life.

The call is suddenly cut off, prompting you to fast-travel back to Howard using a nearby train. As you come back to the dock, you'll see an ambulance with two medical staff, but Howard is nowhere to be seen.

Approach them, and as you get closer, a conversation begins. They'll tell you that he had a peaceful death, and you'll reply with a mix of feelings, mentioning that he's starting a new adventure with his wife. Undoubtedly, this Spider-Man FNSM mission will leave you with a heavy heart.

Graffiti Trouble

Rewards: 800 XP, 2 Hero Tokens, 200 Tech Parts

Available After Completing The “Funky” Main Mission 

In this Spider-Man 2 FNSM side quest, you'll find yourself in the heart of Little Odessa, where you'll come across a flower stall owner who had his property vandalized by unwelcome graffiti, only to be rescued by a compassionate citizen, Hailey, who painted over it.

way to the roof in graffiti trouble spider man 2 3

Photo Credit: Insomniac Games

Once you meet Hailey and exchange greetings, she promptly begins to explain the situation.

Then, you switch to controlling Hailey earlier in the day. There's no audio since Hailey is deaf, so symbols and emoticons appear to convey communication instead of spoken words.

Head to purchase some flowers, and you'll encounter Nikola, the flower stall owner we talked about earlier.

Nikola is visibly upset about the messy graffiti behind his stall. To clean it up, go over to the graffiti and interact with it to start a spray-painting minigame. You can fill the spray can icon in the bottom left of the screen by either shaking your controller up and down or moving the right analog stick. The can icon displayed at the bottom left of the screen will indicate the amount of spray paint in the can. The colorful dots next to it tell you many times you need to repeat the maneuver to complete the new graffiti.

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When the can is fully loaded, gently press R2 to start spray painting the wall. A left analog stick icon and a green circle will appear afterward. Repeat this action twice more to cover the remaining colored dots on the screen, and the mural will be completed. Nikola will then draw your attention to another graffiti that has been vandalized nearby. To reach it, walk past him and use R2 to leap over the wall near the broken part of the fence.

You'll need to replay the minigame, but this time, you must do it four times. Once you finish the second mural, you'll spot the vandal on a nearby rooftop. After a short journey that involves moving through damaged wooden planks, meeting a cat with a Spider-Man doll, and navigating elevator platforms, you'll be prepared to confront the vandal. This challenge provides a lighthearted change of pace, offering a breather after the emotional turmoil with Howard.

Monster in Queens

Rewards: 800 XP, 2 Hero Tokens, 200 Tech Parts

Available After Completing The “Wings of My Own” Main Mission

In this FNSM adventure, you will head to Astoria and meet Alma, a blind senior citizen who requests Spider-Man's assistance in dealing with a “monster”. Make your way to the backyard and press L2 to examine the surroundings. Scan the path on the ground below the clothesline and then the liquid puddle at the back of the garden near the damaged fence. This will kickstart an atom-destroying mini-game, much like the ones you've played several times thus far.

Monster in Queens

Photo Credit: Insomniac Games

Follow the trail that arrives after the game ends. Once you reach its end, look across the stream and scan footprints and the puddle of goo by the old car. Keep following these signs. Eventually, you'll reach a parking lot and construction area where you'll find a hunter drone.

After a quick upload by Ganke, you now have your own drone dog to engage with while he searches for information.

An audio file hints at something suspicious, but as usual, things go awry when a pair of aerial drones show up and startle your newly obtained mechanical dog. Your task is to stop it from escaping.

After some concrete surfing, you'll reach a church. Defeat the hunters, and you'll be back with Alma, along with F1D0, the dog drone. You've helped F1D0 and an elderly lady in one task. Well done! Head upstairs and talk to Alba. She'll happily accept F1D0 as her new “guide dog.”

How to Complete Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 FNSM App Requests Pt.2
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