COD: MW3 Burger King Skin

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COD: MW3 Burger King Skin

Do you want to know how to get the MW3 Burger King skin? This article is the right one for you! Call of Duty is certainly not a brand that does not indulge in collaborations with other franchises, even those that do not belong to the world of video games. In this case, Activision has decided to collaborate with the famous fast food chain Burger King, with a collaboration available in 20 countries internationally. Since this collaboration brings with it rewards, in this article, we have decided to tell you how to obtain the COD: MW3 Burger King skin before it is too late and the event ends.

What is the Burger King campaign and how to participate

The collaboration between these two franchises allows players who decide to participate to obtain rewards such as skins, double XP, and emblems. At the beginning of this article, we said that there are 20 countries that are part of this initiative; below, we list exactly which ones they are: Dominican Republic, Netherlands, Spain, Australia, Puerto Rico, Austria, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Honduras, Ecuador, Venezuela, Uruguay, Aruba, Costa Rica, Panama, Paraguay, Martinique, and Nicaragua.

In order to participate in this event and obtain its rewards (including the MW3 Burger King skin), you will have to buy the Bacon Feast Whooper, or a special menu item, to be able to redeem a code. This meal, however, will be available for a limited period, so hurry before you will no longer have the opportunity to purchase it and therefore will not be able to obtain the rewards that were designed for you.

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Alternatively, you also have the option to use the code CALLOFDUTY on the Burger King app or website when you are about to place an order. However, keep in mind that, in order to use this promotional code, you will have to make a minimum spend of $15; otherwise, you will not be able to use it and obtain the code you will need to take part in this initiative.

How to get the MW3 Burger King skin in Call of Duty

There are various rewards that you can obtain with this initiative in addition to the MW3 Burger King skin. With your first purchase, in fact, you will have the chance to get an emblem, the Burger Town-themed calling card, and one hour of double XP. Instead, with the second purchase, you will get the MW3 Burger King skin and one hour of double XP as rewards. Consequently, if you intend to show off your MW3 Burger King skin, you will have to make two purchases to get it. Keep this detail in mind.

The bad thing is that, as you can probably imagine, if you are not part of the 20 countries we listed above, you cannot take part in this initiative. However, don't despair. As we have already said, Call of Duty often collaborates with other brands, so there will certainly be the possibility of taking part in other events and obtaining the rewards that will be designated for that particular event, just like this one linked to Burger King.

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MW3 Burger King skin

COD: MW3 Burger King Skin
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