Call of Duty: Mobile Doubles Download Sales, 180 Million Downloads

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Call of Duty: Mobile Doubles Download Sales, 180 Million Downloads

When it comes to classic shoot ‘um up style video games, there are few titles better to play than Call of Duty. Their latest effort, Call of Duty: Mobile, has already sold over 180 million downloads in the last few months of the year.

This information comes from Sensor Tower, an app analysis company, which published its findings into the mobile download habits of people in 2019, both for games and everyday apps.

Call of Duty: Mobile is the clear winner in the gaming category, and at 180 million downloads it doubles the stats of every other game. Other popular titles include Sand Balls, a close second at over 90 million downloads, while other favorites like Mario Kart Tour, PUBG, and the latest Candy Crush Saga are just behind in total sales.

It should also be noted that these statistics account for only the later seasons of 2019, specifically October and onward. Coincidentally, the day Call of Duty: Mobile launched was the first of October. While it isn’t the confirmed highest selling game of 2019, it certainly is building, with the COD Mobile community growing each day.

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