CoD: Luminosity Gaming Take Top Prize in Blackout After Dark

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CoD: Luminosity Gaming Take Top Prize in Blackout After Dark

The Blackout tournament that happened today, dubbed After Dark, has just concluded, and Luminosity Gaming has emerged triumphant!

They walk away with the lion’s share of the prize pool, which totaled $20,000. Luminosity Gaming’s four-man squad had the most first-place finishes in each Blackout session, which combined with their other statistics, earned them a total of $9,250 out of that $20,000 prize pool.

In second place are Red Reserve, who got a form of revenge over third place finishers EUnited. EUnited defeated Red Reserve in the Pro League just a day prior.

As for the “special guests” who showed up, they took the form of two of the participating teams. Casters and talent for MLG, including Clint “Maven” Evans and Anthony “Nameless” Wheeler, made up one team. The other team of special guests were popular streamers and retired players from the Call of Duty community, including Treygonite. The MLG casters managed to walk away with $1,500 of the prize pool, while the streamers/retired players sadly came up empty-handed.

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