CoD: How To Play As A Zombie In Warzone Season 2

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CoD: How To Play As A Zombie In Warzone Season 2

The new update has brought Zombies back to Warzone.

Warzone has evolved more than ever in recent weeks. With Zombies spreading around Verdansk, the end is near. However, the Zombies were more of an inconvenience than an actual problem, but the recent update changes everything.

Today’s Warzone update increases the outbreak level from 66% to 100%. This gives us new “Radiation Zones” throughout Verdansk, and a return to the Zombie mode we saw during Halloween.

How to Play as a Zombie

First of all, to enter the Zombie mode in Warzone, you’ll need to be playing a team-based mode. Duo, Trio and Squads all work, but in Solo’s the Zombie mode is not available. Once in your team-based mode, you’ll want to die within one of the radiation zones. If you have a teammate currently alive, instead of heading to the Gulag you’ll turn into a Zombie.

Zombies have the same abilities seen during the Haunting of Verdansk last year, so if you were a fan of that mode this could be a great time to jump back in. With Verdansk seemingly changing forever on April 21, these features may be the last we get to play with on the map.

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