CoD: Warzone Nuke Event Teaser Gives Possible Date

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CoD: Warzone Nuke Event Teaser Gives Possible Date

The first teaser to Warzone’s possible nuke event has finally dropped

Call of Duty players get a new game every year, and therefore most of the community is very impatient. With a completely new game arriving year after year, many fans are shocked to see such minimal change to Warzone and Verdansk since its release over a year ago. While there have been changes such as Bunkers, Rebirth Island and most recently the Zombies, Warzone has mainly stayed the same since launch.

However, today that all changes. Activision has been sending out teasers to content creators about the next step for the Zombies, but the most recent teaser all but confirms the Nuke event.

The note reads, “Once the hostels reach here, we levee a guess that Verdansk is all but gone to the damned. April 21st. 12PM.” April 21 appears to be the date that Warzone may change forever. With audio files referencing a nuke event being leaked for months now, and many trusted sources indicating that Verdansk will be gone, this seems the likely conclusion.

We expect the 12 PM time to be PT so that everyone around the world can experience this event. However, we don't know whether this will be a live event, a repeatable cutscene, or something completely different. So we have to wait until we hear more from Activision.

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