COD 2021 Reportedly Using Modern Warfare’s Engine

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COD 2021 Reportedly Using Modern Warfare’s Engine

Fans of Warzone and Modern Warfare can rejoice, as it appears we’ll be returning to the engine for 2021.

Leaks for COD 2021 have been coming through thick and fast, with the latest surrounding the game's engine. While we now know that the game will be developed by Sledgehammer Games, and likely titled “World War 2 Vanguard”, it now appears we will be switching engines once again.

Today, VGC reported that COD 2021 will see a return to Modern Warfare’s IW8 engine, rather than this year's revamped Black Ops 4 engine. While many fans may instantly dislike this return, with many issues such as tactical-sprint, doors and slide canceling coming to mind, those are not specifically tied to the engine itself.

Dallas Empire’s Ian “Crimsix” Porter shared his thoughts on Twitter, calling the change a “Huge W”.

While one fan replied with concerns to Tactical Sprint, Crimsix reassured the fan that tac-sprint “has nothing to do with the engine.” The sound design, graphics and new mechanics were some of the main features that were implemented in MW’s engine, and most fans will be excited to see it return for COD 2021.

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