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Charlie Cater
Charlie "MiniTates" Cater is a college student from England with a passion for esports gaming especially Call of Duty. He has followed the competitive scene since Black Ops 2. He hopes to pursue this passion through a university esports degree.

CoD 2021 Reportedly Titled “Call of Duty: WWII Vanguard”

Two operatives in army fatigues and helmets take cover behind a wooden barricade as enemies run at them through fir trees

COD 2021 Reportedly Titled “Call of Duty: WWII Vanguard”.

With Call of Duty’s 2021 release around 8 months away, leaks have already started to surface. The latest rumor from ModernWarzone states that the name of COD 2021 is likely “WWII Vanguard”.

While this may just be an internal code name, it is likely that it is the actual name as this would line up with the reports of Call of Duty returning to WWII in 2021. Sledgehammer Games will be developing this year's release; and while many fans hoped for a return to the jackpack era, it seems we’ll be sticking with boots on the ground.

Activision is yet to comment on any leaks or announce the developer of the game. However, all reports now point towards another WWII based game from Sledgehammer Games. We expect COD 2021 to be revealed during the summer, just as Cold War was, with a release likely in November.

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