Close to the Sun Ada Room Puzzle Solution

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Close to the Sun Ada Room Puzzle Solution

Close to the Sun is an good survival horror game that seems to have an eye on the atmosphere of Bioshock (a super famous saga that any player will have at least had the opportunity to see over the years). Since this is a survival horror game, there is certainly no shortage of puzzles to solve in order to continue your adventure, such as, for example, the Close to the Sun Ada room puzzle. If you are reading this article, it is because you are having difficulty solving it, therefore, we have decided to give you the solution so that you can consult it and continue without any kind of hitch. Are you ready to discover what is so important hidden in Ada's room?

How to Solve the Close to the Sun Ada Room Puzzle

During the third chapter of the game, you will inevitably visit Ada's room. However, in order to continue the game, you will have to obtain the quest for her; otherwise, you will not be able to do it. Obviously, since it is something very delicate, it will certainly not be placed on a desk, ready to be picked up, but you will have to solve a puzzle to get it. In fact, the most attentive will certainly have seen the various symbols found in the room and will have already guessed that these are the ones you will need to solve the puzzle.

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The first thing you need to do to solve the Close to the Sun Ada room puzzle is to collect the piece of paper found under the book on the table in the main room. By doing this, we will have the possibility to remove the photo that is on the part, the one right next to you. Continue by removing it, and you will discover that behind it is the safe containing Ada's research. Now that you understand where to look, how do you go about solving the puzzle? Don't worry, we'll tell you.

In order to solve this puzzle, you must observe all the multifaceted figures that are scattered around the room (they are wooden objects that you can collect). In fact, one of the four elements will be drawn on each of them. Once you have observed all the geometric figures and have noted which element is present on them, you can return to the safe to insert them. But how exactly? It's actually very simple. All you have to do is match the geometric figure to the element by turning the wheels. For example, if the pyramid has the wind symbol on it, you will have to place the wind symbol in the position where the pyramid is placed. So, if the pyramid is at the bottom, you will have to place the wind symbol at the bottom.

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Repeat this process for all four symbols, and you will have arrived at the conclusion of this puzzle. Fortunately, it's not very complex, so it shouldn't take up much of your time (also because, in case you're interested, there is a trophy or achievement linked to a speed run in the game). Now that you have entered these four symbols, you will have the opportunity to enter the vent located below you. What you will have to collect in order to continue the game is the book on the right. Furthermore, solving this puzzle and taking the book will also give you a trophy or achievement, the one called Fancy Calculations.

close to the sun ada room puzzle

Close to the Sun Ada Room Puzzle Solution
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