League of Legends: CLG Releases Crown from their LCS Roster

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League of Legends: CLG Releases Crown from their LCS Roster

Counter Logic Gaming decided to drop a former World Champion from their squad.

CLG announced via Twitter today that Lee “Crown” Min-ho has left the organization. The news comes with little surprise, as Eugene “Pobelter” Park recently replaced him on stage. The tweet stated:

“Today we are parting ways with @Crown. Thank you for your time on CLG. We wish you the best moving forward.”

This Spring Split has been quite hard for the CLG roster and changes were inevitable. Still, it can be hard for some to believe the fault would lie with a former World Champion.

Currently, CLG is placed at the very bottom of the standings in tenth place. They've only won two games out of twelve. It's clearly an abysmal performance, but even with the mid lane swap, things haven't looked all that much better. Expectations were high for this squad at the beginning of the split, but now fans are simply hoping for any sign of life.

Crown's departure signifies a commitment to Pobelter. He played on multiple successful NA rosters and will have to do a lot of work to get CLG off the ground.

On the other hand, we don't yet know what's in store for Crown. Though he hasn't looked great this split, it would still be strange to watch a player of this caliber simply fade away. He could stay in North America or move back to Korea. Unfortunately, his future is uncertain for now.

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