WoW: Classic TBC – How To Get Attuned With Karazhan

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WoW: Classic TBC – How To Get Attuned With Karazhan

One thing that’s very important in Classic WoW is attunements. TBC Classic will introduce many more so make sure you’re ready.

There’s a lot of attunements in the Burning Crusade. From dungeons requiring your group to have a key to raids requiring you to go on epic adventures across Outland. Today, we’ll look at the latter, which will involve the former along the way. We’ll go step-by-step, including a few helpful images so that you don’t miss out.

How to attune to Karazhan TLDR

Here’s a quick glance guide for how to get into Karazhan:

Be level 68 > Do the two quests outside Karazhan from Alturus > Head to Dalaran > Meet Khadgar in Shattrath > Kill Murmur in Shadow Labyrinth and loot the fragment behind him > Head to Steamvaults and loot the second fragment >Head to Arcatraz and kill Zereketh the Unbound and loot the third fragment > Head to The Black Morass >  After getting Medhivh to activate your key head back to Khadgar in Shattrath > You are now attuned to Karazhan

Check below for a more detailed look at each of the major steps.

Arcane Disturbances & Restless Activity Karazhan quests

First, you’ll need to head to Karazhan and pick up the two quests outside from Archmage Alturus (pictures below). From him, you’ll need to pick up Arcane Disturbances & Restless Activity. Both quests are completed inside the same cellar which you can find at coordinates 48,78.

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WoW character Archmage Alturus stands in-game with a glowing green staff.

The quests are simple enough, for Arcane Disturbances use the Violet Scrying Crystal near the underground water sources — the pond or the well will both work.

For Restless Activity, you’ll need to collect the Ghostly Essence that drops off mobs inside the cellar.

Head to Dalaran Crater and on to Shattrath City

Now, once you hand those in, you’ll need to head to Dalaran Crater and find Archmage Cedric, who you can find at the below location.

A basic map of the Western Plaguelands, Lordamere Lake, Hillsbrad, and other smaller locations in World of Warcraft.

After we accept the quest from Cedric, he’ll send you to Khadgar who can be found slap bang in the middle of Shattrath City. Remember, this is old man Khadgar, and not the sleek new one from BFA.

Entry Into Karazhan & The Second and Third Fragments

The First Key Fragment

Note: All the dungeons for this part require one member of your group to own the corresponding key to enter. This isn’t required for each member, however, it might help. See our guide here for how to unlock each dungeon’s attunement/key.

Now it’s time to head into the dungeons. First, we need to head into the Shadow Labyrinth. You’ll need to get a group together and kill Murmur where you’ll find the first key fragment located in a small urn on his left side.

An in-game screenshot of Shadow Labyrinth in World of Warcraft, with a red circle pointing out an urn for TBC Karazhan.

The Second Key Fragment

The Second Fragment will require you to head into The Arcatraz. This fragment will require you to take a little dip, once you get to Hydromancer Thespia jump into the water to the right and you’ll find the next fragment.

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An in-game screenshot from The Alcatraz in World of Warcraft, with a small blue urn in a corner of a green room.

The Third Fragment

The Third Fragment is also found in the Arcatraz. After defeating Zereketh the Unbound, you’ll head up a ramp and into a room full of Negaton Screamers. As you enter this room, hug the right side and you’ll find the third and final fragment tucked away.

An in-game screenshot from The Alcatraz in World of Warcraft, showing a shadowy figure and a key fragment on a pedestal next to it.

Once this is done, head back to Khadgar in Shattrath City and he’ll send you onto the final part.

The Master’s Touch The Black Morass

Once you get the final quest off Khadgar he’ll send you to the Black Morass inside the Caverns of Time. Enter the dungeon with a group and head to Medivh. You’ll find him at the end of the dungeon, he’s how you start the dungeon. Speak with him to activate your key.

He’ll send you back to Shattrath City to speak with Khadgar. Once you do this you’ll be handed The Master’s Key and be attuned with Karazhan. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to enter the raid along with unlocking more quests outside the raid for epic ring and trinket rewards.

How to get to Karazhan in TBC Classic

Alliance: Fly to Darkshire and ride easy up the road into Deadwind Pass. From there Karazhan isn’t hard to find. Just follow the path till you get to the entrance.

Horde: Horde players will need to fly to Swamp of Sorrows and head west into the hills. Once there, much like Alliance you’ll find yourself in Deadwind Pass and Karazhan is the big tower, it’s very hard to miss.

To learn how to attune to all TBC Classic dungeons, take a look at our guide here.

WoW: Classic TBC – How To Get Attuned With Karazhan
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