Cherdleys Interview – MF DAZN: X Series 002

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Cherdleys Interview – MF DAZN: X Series 002

Cherdleys spoke to ESTNN ahead of his main event bout against Jay Swingler.

MF & DAZN return with their X Series 002 card this Saturday at the Utilita Arena in Sheffield, England. The main event sees Jay Swingler take on Cherdleys in a fight you won't want to miss. We spoke to Cherdleys at today’s Press Conference, and he has some questionable predictions for the fight.

First of all, what's your prediction for the fight? How is it ending on Saturday night?

Cherdleys: Split decision. It’s going to taper off onto my side, we want to last all four rounds.

What's your training schedule been like for the last few weeks heading into fight night?

Cherdleys: I was sick for a while, so my whole routine got messed up. But you know, we take some nice jogs in the morning, then I run a 10-minute three-mile run and then I do like 10 push-ups, call it a day and eat spaghetti.

What are your thoughts on your opponent, Jay Swingler?

Cherdleys: He seems like a cool guy. We’re kind of best friends that are going to kill each other in the ring. We only just met but kind of best friends for life. Were friends with benefits, benefits of beating the crap out of each other. I have him as my lock screen, actually. 

Apparently, your friends are betting on you to lose. Is this true?

Cherdleys: Yeah, that's true; they're betting a lot against me. I might just take the L, get knocked out and take the money and run. Or they’ll take the money and not give me any. I might just go out of this broke and knocked out; who knows.

After this fight, is there anyone you have your eyes on? A future opponent for you?

Cherdleys: Connor McGreggor.

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