CDL Major 2 Qualifiers – Week 2; Day 3 Recap

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CDL Major 2 Qualifiers – Week 2; Day 3 Recap

Here’s everything from the final day of the second week of major 2 qualifiers.

We continued in the Call of Duty League as we got back into the games with day three of week two of Major 2 Qualifiers. We saw another three matches tonight as we begin to get towards the end of Major 2 Qualifiers

London Royal Ravens 3-1 Las Vegas Legion

The London Royal Ravens have been changing their roster almost every week trying to find something that works. They haven't quite got there yet, but the map one Mercado Hardpoint was great from Skrapz. London took a 250-202 victory that should’ve been a lot more dominant, with Skrapz putting up 30 kills and a 2.14 K/D in this map.

We remained on Mercado for the Search and Destroy in which Las Vegas came back into this series with a 6-2 victory. This was a dominant performance from the Las Vegas Legion which ended with PaulEhx accidentally jumping out of the map in the final round. The London Royal Ravens went on to take the third map in this series on Hotel Control, taking the map with a 3-1 victory. Skrapz was great once again as he dropped 27 kills and a 1.50 K/D. The final map of this series was a Hydro Hardpoint. Yet again, Skrapz dominated the map with 29 kills and a 1.71 K/D as the Ravens took this series 3-1.

Los Angeles Guerrillas 3-1 Minnesota ROKKR

The Los Angeles Guerrillas have looked great with their new roster so far, however Minnesota ROKKR dominated Atlanta FaZe last night with a quick 3-0. The Guerrillas came out hot in map one of this series, taking a 250-163 Hydro Hardpoint victory where Arcitys dominated with 30 kills and a massive 2.14 K/D.

Map two saw the Los Angeles Guerrillas take a 2-0 lead in this series following a 6-4 Fortress Search and Destroy win. Exceed continued to perform in SnD with a solid 7/7 match here, however it was Assault who dominated with 11 kills and a 2.75 K/D to put his Guerrillas side on series point. However, Minnesota ROKKR weren’t going out that easy as they got back into the series with a 3-2 Hotel Control map three. ROKKR outslayed the Guerrillas by 16 kills as they clutched up when needed towards the end of this map.

Following this, we saw a power cut at the COD League production office which caused a big delay to this series. However, they played the final map off stream which was a 250-158 Fortress Hardpoint victory for the Los Angeles Guerrillas. 

Atlanta FaZe 3-2 New York Subliners

The New York Subliners have been great so far this season in the Call of Duty League. And today, they started off this series as normal with a 250-150 Hotel Hardpoint victory. Priestahh and Hydra were great as they put up 29 and 28 kills respectively, seeing them result in a 1.71 and 1.65 K/D. However, Atlanta FaZe tied the series 1-1 with a 6-4 Fortress Search and Destroy victory. The SMGs of Simp and aBeZy were great in this map, dropping 10 and 11 kills respectively as FaZe tied the series at 1-1.

The New York Subliners looked to be a great spot to take a 2-1 lead in this series, however it was Atlanta FaZe who came back into this map through a great performance from the SMGs of Simp and aBeZy.  Simp started this map slowly, but managed to end with a massive 31 kills, while aBeZy dominated even more with an unbelievable 34 kills in this Hotel Control as they took the map 3-2 and took a 2-1 lead in the series.

Map four in this series was extremely dominant from the New York Subliners. NYSL took a 250-96 Hydro Hardpoint victory, putting Atlanta FaZe in the 100-point club. Priestahh was unbelievable, putting up 31 kills and an unbelievable 2.82 K/D earning 20 more kills than deaths in this map as the Subliners forced a game five. After more delays and issues, we finally began the final map of this series. Atlanta FaZe took a 3-2 victory with a 6-4 Embassy Search and Destroy to close out the series with a great performance from Slasher who put up 12 kills and a 2.00 K/D.

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