CDL Major 1 – Challengers Qualifiers Recap

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CDL Major 1 – Challengers Qualifiers Recap

CDL Major 1 kicked off today with some intense Challengers gameplay.

The Call of Duty League continues as we finally land in Raleigh for the first day of Major 1. Today, eight Challengers teams who qualified through an online qualifier go head to head on LAN, with the top 4 teams qualifying to play in the Major alongside the 12 Call of Duty League teams



  • Vortex
  • Harry
  • Gismo
  • Denza

Decemate Gaming

  • Uli
  • Hollow
  • Mock
  • 2Real


  • Restalling
  • Immense
  • Crimzah
  • Zepa


  • Abuzah
  • Breszy
  • Cobra
  • Lynz

Minnesota ROKKR Academy

  • Reeal
  • Fame
  • GodRx
  • Pandur


  • JurNii
  • Super
  • Yako
  • Lucky

D1 Gaming

  • Traixx
  • Legendah
  • Caos
  • Couti

Los Angeles Guerrillas Academy

  • Exceed
  • Assault
  • DiamondCon
  • JoeDeceives

Elevate 3-2 Decimate Gaming

Elevate took an early lead in the Fortress map one Hardpoint in this game, however Decemate Gaming were able to come back and dominate the latter half of the game. Hollow topped the leaderboard in this map one, putting up 37 kills as Decemate looked to hold spawns much better in the 2nd and 3rd rotations, putting Elevate in a small trap and closing out the map 250-210.

Elevate bounced back to tie the series with a 6-4 Hotel Search and Destroy. Denza and Vortex put up 10 and 11 kills respectively as they seemed to dominate the map, and Decemate yet again saw Hollow have a great performance, but it wasn't enough for the map. Decemate Gaming completely dominated the map three with a 3-1 El Asilo Control victory. Uli was unbelievable in this map as he tore through Elevate and gave them no space on their offensive rounds. However, it was Decemate’s solid offensive round win that swung this map in their favour and allowed them to take a 2-1 lead in this series.

A game five was forced by Elevate as they took map four Hotel Hardpoint 250-224. Decemate Gaming found themselves up by 60 points as they were sitting on 210, however Elevate came back with a strong last two hills to bring it back and tie the series 2-2, sending it to a final map. Elevate took the final map of El Asilo Search and Destroy 6-3, advancing to the qualification match later today. This was a well rounded map from Elevate, with each player having 7 or 8 kills to finish off the map and the series.

EXM 3-2 Aw0babobs

Aw0babobs took map one in this series with a 250-195 Hydro Hardpoint victory. Breszy and Lynz dominated here for Aw0babobs, and while there was some talk about their lacklustre previous performances on LAN, they put up massive 1.41 and 1.43 K/D’s respectively in this map one to take a 1-0 series lead. 

EXM bounced back with a quick and easy Mercado Search and Destroy, taking it 6-1 and levelling the series 1-1. Following a close map one, it’s not surprising to see the APAC roster on the board here, as Zepa put up a 3.00 K/D in this Search and Destroy. While the APAC rosters usually struggle at the start of the season due to a lack in practice, they look set to compete in these Major 1 Qualifiers. The APAC roster took a 2-1 lead in the series following a 3-1 Hotel Control victory. Here, the kills were massively on the side of Aw0babobs, but EXM managed to get a hold of the points and keep defence on lock to close out the map and take a 2-1 series lead.

Aw0babobs came back with a strong map four to tie the series and take us to a map five. This Fortress Hardpoint saw Aw0babobs take a 250-135 victory with Breszy and Lynz yet again dominating, dropping 39 and 34 kills respectively. Breszy also put up a 1.86 K/D to force the game five and send this the distance. EXM closed out the series with another dominant Search and Destroy, this time a 6-2 victory on El Asilo that saw incredible performances from Zepa and Immense who put up 8 and 9 kills respectively to see EXM advance to the qualification match

Minnesota ROKKR Academy 3-1 Pollodrom

Minnesota ROKKR Academy took on Pollodrom in a Spanish battle between Reeal and some of his former ROKKR Academy teammates on Pollodrom. ROKKR Academy took the map one Hotel Hardpoint 250-195 and they outslayed Pollodrom with ease, seeing every player on the roster go positive as they took a 1-0 lead in the series. ROKKR Academy continued to dominate with an easy 6-0 on Embassy Search and Destroy to take a 2-0 lead in the series. GodRx was incredible in this map, dropping 8 kills and just dying once to put up a 8.00 K/D.

Pollodrom quickly stopped the 3-0 sweep in the series with a 3-0 sweep of their own in map three Hotel Control. Lucky and Super dominated the map, putting up 1.43 and 1.38 K/D’s to see Pollodrom extend the series. However, ROKKR Academy quickly replied with a 250-174 Mercado Hardpoint to take the series 3-1. Super continued to perform in this map 4, putting up a 1.75 K/D, however it wasn't enough to take the map and extend the series.

Los Angeles Guerrillas Academy 3-1 D1 Gaming

The Los Angeles Guerrillas Academy come into this game as heavy favourites, and they started the series as such. LAG Academy took a map one Hydro Hardpoint 250-111, in which they severely outslayed D1 Gaming. LAG Academy outslayed D1 Gaming by 17 kills as they dominated Hydro, with rookie JoeDeceives putting up a 2.20 K/D as LAG took a quick 1-0 lead in this series. 

D1 Gaming responded with a 6-4 Mercado Search and Destroy victory to level the series. The roster qualifying through LATAM found themselves 3-1 down mid game, however they stopped the bleeding and came back to win the map. Majorly thanks to Traixx who put up 11 kills and a 1.83 K/D in map two. An extremely close El Asilo Control saw LAG Academy come out on top 3-2 and take a 2-1 lead in the series. The kills were even between both squads, however D1 Gaming had an outlier in Legendah who put up a poor 0.57 K/D, and saw D1 suffer without his usual gameplay in this map.

LAG Academy closed out the series 3-1 with a great map from JoeDeceives as he put up 24 kills and a 1.41 K/D in the LAG Academy’s 250-168 Mercado Hardpoint win. This sees the Guerrillas head into their qualification match.

Elevate 3-0 EXM

Elevate continued their performance from the previous series and took map one Hydro Hardpoint 250-192 to kick off the series. They found themselves with a big lead at the beginning of the map, and potentially should’ve closed out this map sooner, however they managed to hold on and take a 1-0 series lead. Elevate pulled ahead in the series to a 2-0 lead following a 6-3 Hotel Search and Destroy victory. Based on EXM’s previous match, it seemed that another 2,3,5 would be their easiest way to see a victory in this match, but Elevate stopped that with another great collective effort in Search and Destroy.

Elevate closed out the series with a quick 3-0 following a 3-2 Hotel Control. This sees Elevate advance to Major 1 pool play tomorrow.

Decimate Gaming 3-2 Aw0babob

Aw0babobs stepped it up for their elimination match as they started the series with a 250-188 Hotel Hardpoint. Abuzah was running the show on Hotel for Aw0babobs, putting up 30 kills and a 2.00 K/D as they took a 1-0 lead in the series. Decimate Gaming quickly replied with a 6-1 victory on Hotel Search and Destroy to tie the series 1-1. Mock had an incredible game here putting up a massive 13 kills and a 4.33 K/D as Decimate gave Aw0babobs no room, and levelled the series.

Decimate Gaming continued their momentum into game three Fortress Control as they were victorious 3-1, and took a 2-1 lead in the series. Aw0babobs replied as we remained on Fortress for map four as they took a 250-203 victory to force the map five. In the map five El Asilo Search and Destroy, Decimate Gaming took a 6-3 victory to advance to their qualification match.

LAG Academy 3-0 ROKKR Academy

The Los Angeles Guerrillas Academy put together a steady 250-191 Hydro Hardpoint victory to take map one and a 1-0 lead in the series. This was a well rounded attempt from the team, with JoeDeceives yet again putting up some incredible numbers and very important plays, while Assault topped the leaderboard with 28 kills and a 1.87K/D. LAG Academy extended their lead to 2-0 following a round 11 victory on Mercado. This was an incredible game filled with 2 pieces from Reeal on the side of ROKKR, and incredible snipes from DiamondCon on the side of LAG. However, it was ultimately a clutch from Exceed that saw LAG take the map and the 2-0 lead.

The Los Angeles Guerrillas Academy closed out the series in a quick 3-0 following a 3-2 Hotel Control victory. Assault was dominant with 29 kills in this map, however just like the last map, this was one that could’ve gone either way. This sees LAG Academy Qualify for Major 1 tomorrow.

Decimate Gaming 3-0 EXM

Decimate Gaming came out strong in a map one Mercado Hardpoint where they took a 250-204 victory. This was a very well played map from Decimate Gaming in which the entire team put in a levelled performance, and the teamwork was the main difference in this map. Decimate Gaming took a 2-0 lead in the series following a comfortable 6-3 Hotel Search and Destroy. While EXM looked competitive, Decimate Gaming had an answer for almost everything they did as they advanced 2-0 up in the series.

It came close and went the distance, but it was Decimate Gaming who clutched up in the Control to take a 3-2 victory on El Asilo, and sweep the series 3-0 to qualify for Major 1.\\

Pollodrom 3-2 Minnesota ROKKR Academy

Pollodrom came out hot in this rematch defeating ROKKR Academy on Mercado Hardpoint 250-159 to take map one. This was a map played in the first series that was taken by ROKKR Academy, however this time the teamwork of Pollodrom prevailed, seeing Super and Lucky work together perfectly to take a 1-0 lead in this series. ROKKR Academy continue to be impressive in Search and Destroy as they took a 6-3 victory on Mercado to tie the series 1-1. The 6th round in this map was incredible, with Jurnii absolutely turning on Reeal, before GodRx gets a pistol kill and after picking up a Vaznev, gets the final kill with just three bullets left to win the round.

ROKKR Academy took their clutch factor into the Control as they took a 3-1 victory on Hotel. However it was Pandur who dominated with 31 kills and just 17 deaths putting up a 1.82 K/D as he did it with the AR and the SMG in this game. Pandur dominated, holding bedroom on the defensive rounds to secure the victory and a 2-1 lead in the series. Pollodrom replied with an extremely strong map four Fortress Hardpoint which they won 250-144. Lucky was incredible, putting up 28 kills and a 1.75 K/D as they dominated the second rotation and forced a game five. Pollodrom clutched up in game five to take a 6-4 Fortress victory and advance to play in Major 1 tomorrow.

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