Calm Down Maggot, Call of Duty: Warzone is not Coming Today

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Calm Down Maggot, Call of Duty: Warzone is not Coming Today

Tired of seeing an endless amount of tweets, articles, and videos that fill you with hype for the latest of leaked COD material? Yeah, us too.

There is a lot of anticipation for the next installment of Call of Duty. In fact, there is so much build-up it seems that even the substantial amount of leaks, whether on Reddit or posted by users on Twitter, are not enough to keep this community satisfied. And hey, we hear ya. The ESTNN staff is just as amped for this release as an unopened can of ice-cold gamer fuel. But for the love of Captain John Price, folks need to calm down, take a breather, and return to shooting people virtually on their current Call of Duty installment for the foreseeable future.

Hell, even our esports brethren over at Charlie Intel are getting fed up with the seemingly limitless amount of people asking, begging, and pleading for just the latest shred of Warzone gossip we might have.

The Press Conference From Hell

Over the past year or so, Activision/Blizzard has become a press release hierarchy of poorly-adequated, less-than-average staff to fan engagement. The beginnings of which all can be seen in the beautiful dumpster that was Blizzcon 2018. Check it out below if you haven’t.

So while yes, it is easy to shred apart a company that once looked to its fans as beloved internet children, the type of staff that cared so deeply about the community they created that they may have even rivaled the God of Vidya Miyamoto himself… try to ease up on the deadline fodder.

Play Nice Fellas

Other than dropping their latest incarnations of former surefire moneymaker Call of Duty, the Activision/Blizzard team has done nothing but deal with leaks upon leaks up on their rumor mill haven. ESTNN has reported about Warzone multiple times, all of which are worth another read, but it is no surprise that these guys are in a PR warzone right now with the number of people clamoring online to them, trying their hardest to get the COD team to just “drop the damn thing.”

The paragraph below is from a leaked source, as absolutely nothing has been officially confirmed at all:

“The report notes that the mode will be unlocked for Modern Warfare owners on the launch day in early March. The company will also then release a free to play standalone version of Warzone with the option to upgrade to the full Modern Warfare experience.

This information is not officially confirmed by Activision at this time. The company has not even acknowledged Warzone as a mode yet, with many information on the mode coming out via leaks and information through data mining of the game’s files.”

Insurmountable Hype

We’re not saying don’t get hyped. After all, Warzone will apparently be able to support over 200 players at any given multiplayer endeavor. For the COD community, that only amplifies the amount of real-life cinematic potential of electronic frontline battles, the esports equivalent to the battle at the beginning of Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan by way of Private Soap MacTavish.

What do we know so far? First, it's free-to-play and will be able to support over 200 players at a time, as mentioned. It will have Solos, Duos, Trios, and Squads at your disposal will feature a new ping system similar to Apex Legends. But there's more. A plunder system will be ready to go and a match win in Gulag to respawn.

Warzone could absolutely be the best thing for the COD community since Zombies. Or even the original incarnation of Modern Warfare itself. But please, at least try to have a little sympathy for a company that just released this game back at the end of August.

In Short…

Video games take time … and as much as it might seem like Call of Duty: Warzone is taking forever to some of you, it is only because the hype is so hauntingly real, due to the number of leaks and rumors that continue to surface and resurface again and again. However, be thankful that prestige time-taker, Hideo Kojima, or Valve legend and Snorlax relative, Gabe Newell, don’t have their hands involved in this project. Because while we wouldn’t be complaining, the game would more than likely be released a century from now. By that time, video games might just be playing us.

So before this ends up becoming a PR piece in defense of a company struggling to find the authentic brand voice that made them the video game juggernaut they are today, give Activision/Blizzard a little more time. In all seriousness, you guys probably know about the game more than they do.

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