Rumor Mill Explodes as Call of Duty: Warzone Sets Release Date at the Beginning of March

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Rumor Mill Explodes as Call of Duty: Warzone Sets Release Date at the Beginning of March

A new rumor about Call of Duty: Warzone is making the rounds.

What? Huh? How in the what huh?

Yep… this is the point we are at people. As rumors of Activision/Blizzard’s next Call of Duty incarnation continue to circulate, this update is, allegedly, dropping in less than just a month.

This souped-up version of Battle Royale was rumored to go live by the middle of next November. It would release around the same time a new Call of Duty game is supposedly premiering as well.

According to VGC News, as well as further elaborated by Charlie Intel, Warzone is a co-developed project. It's a collaboration between Infinity Ward and Raven Software. Furthermore, CharlieIntel has been reporting a rumored collaboration between the two companies for months.

Here is all we officially know (unofficially of course):

“The report notes that the mode will be unlocked for Modern Warfare owners on the launch day in early March. The company will also then release a free to play standalone version of Warzone with the option to upgrade to the full Modern Warfare experience.

This information is not officially confirmed by Activision at this time. The company has not even acknowledged Warzone as a mode yet, with many information on the mode coming out via leaks and information through data mining of the game’s files.”

Yet the rumors continue to move forward, with Warzone apparently being able to support over 200 players at any given multiplayer endeavor. This report is all but confirmed, due to the latest leaks of in-game files that broke across Reddit and Twitter just last week.

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