Call of Duty News: Treyarch is adding Contract Challenges to Black Ops 4

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Call of Duty News: Treyarch is adding Contract Challenges to Black Ops 4

Treyarch is bringing Contracts to Black Ops 4.

Treyarch announced today, through an official Black Ops 4 Reddit post, that they will be adding in-game challenges, known as Contracts, to the Black Ops 4. The developer will release Contractsinto the live game live in “late June,” according to the announcement.

B04 Contract Challenges

Treyarch further elaborates that they are “actively planning to provide all players with new ways to earn weapons just by playing the game in any mode.” As for how, they’ve made a list:

  • Our Community Challenge that unlocks the free, fully customizable Grav assault rifle, now live today for players on all platforms
  • Our upcoming Contracts system that will deliver in-game rewards for completing daily rotating challenges
  • A new path to earning more Reserves in all modes, including Zombies, Multiplayer, Blackout, and League Play
  • Additional earnable duplicate-protected Weapon Bribes that will become available in the future

Does This Fix The Problem?

The big question on the minds of many players, including this writer, is “will this be good enough?” In this writer’s personal opinion, while this is a step in the right direction, it doesn’t entirely resolve the ongoing issues revolving around the Reserve Crates system. There’s still a bit too much randomness for comfort.

Furthermore, other Call of Duty developers have implemented better systems that allowed direct acquisition of new weapons. Infinity Ward, during the Infinite Warfare season, had Contracts. Through these, players could directly acquire specific new weapons for completing them. For example, players could acquire some DLC weapons in Infinite Warfare by playing a few sessions of Gun Game. This strategy had the additional benefit of showing off the weapons in actual gameplay.

This update is certainly better than nothing, but Treyarch and Activision still have work to do. Seeing as other Call of Duty developers have implemented better, more effective systems that balanced the game’s need to make profit alongside consumer concerns, it’s time for Treyarch to step up their game.

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