CoD MW3 Season 1 Patch Notes Reveal New Modes, Plethora of Content

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CoD MW3 Season 1 Patch Notes Reveal New Modes, Plethora of Content

MW3 Season 1 announces the return of two popular modes, All or Nothing and Gunfight. Gunfight will feature mode-specific maps and some maps that are carried on from the last season. Fans should also expect more new game modes to be released across the Season.

CoD MW3 Season 1 Patch Notes Bring Back Gunfight Mode

All or Nothing Mode
The game mode is a free-for-all game mode. Players start with two weapons – Throwing Knives and a Pistol. The more you farm kills, the more perks you earn thoughout the match.

2v2 matches. First team to reach the 6 round limit wins. Players should also expect a new 6v6 Team Gunfight mode to release early next year with a mid-season update in January.

EMP – Obtained by scoring 13 Kills/1625 Score/Care Packages.
EMP sends out an electromagnetic pulse that disrupts opponent equipment and killstreaks

Swarm – Obtained by scoring 15 Kills/1875 Score/Care Packages.
This killstreak allows the player to blanket an area with mosquito drones.

New Perk
Assassins Vest
The Season 1 update introduces the seventh vest in the game, the Assassin’s Vest. The vest has all the effects of Ghost and is immune to all enemy UAV and radar (even while the player is stationery) Also, upon equipping the vest, kills won’t display any skulls for the enemies to see.

CoD MW3 Season 1 Release Date and Time

The massive Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 update is scheduled to hit live servers across all regions and supported players on Wednesday, December 6.

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