Call of Duty MW3 Adds Dune Operator Bundle, Warhammer 40k Skins, Godzilla, and More

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Call of Duty MW3 Adds Dune Operator Bundle, Warhammer 40k Skins, Godzilla, and More

Activision have introduced new operator bundles of characters from Dune movie franchise,  Warhammer 40k skins along with a Godzilla x Kong collaboration for Call of Duty MW3 and Warzone.

After the blockbuster success of Dune: Part Two, Activision have allowed players to play as the evil Harkonnens and as the Messiah, Paul Atreides. The Pul Atreides operator bundle allows you play as Timothee Chalamet’s character from the Dune Movies, and the Feyd Rautha and Harkonnen bundles allow you to play as Paul’s evil nemesis, and as a Harkonnen hunter.

Besides, Activision have also bought several characters from the Warhammer 40k games to Call of Duty MW3 and Warzone.

Tracer Pack: Dune Part Two – Harkonnen Pack

  • Harkonnen Hunter Operator skin
  • Harkonnen Holger 556 Assault Rifle blueprint
  • Harkonnen KATT-AMR Sniper Rifle blueprint
  • Harkonnen Longsword Soulrender blueprint
  • The Oppressors animated Calling Card
  • Harkonnen Rage Decal
  • The Baron’s Pet Charm
  • House Harkonnen animated Emblem

CoD MW3 allows players to play as Paul Atreides and Harkonenns with new Operator Bundle.

The list of content the operator bundle offers doesn't end here. Upon purchasing both operator bundles in the Dune Part Two collection The Harkonnen Bundle and the Tracer Pack: Dune Part Two – Paul Atreides Operator Bundle, fans get a chance to unlock the exclusive “Paul Atreides Fedaykin Stealth Suit” Operator Skin.

Call of Duty Warhammer 40K bundles

  • Ultramarines Scout” operator skin
  • “Blood Angels Scout” operator skin
  • “Power Armor” skin killstreak variant
  • “Ultramarines” and “Blood Angels” weapon charms
  • “The Flesh Tearer” and “The Teeth of Terra” melee weapons
  • “Aegis Imperialis” Riot Shield blueprint
  • “Evisceration” finsher
  • “Angel’s Fury” and “Courage of Honour” battle rifle blueprints
  • “Contempt” shotgun blueprint

Call of Duty Warhammer 40K Sisters of Battle Tracer Pack

  • “Battle Sister” operator skin
  • “Heretic’s Bane” light machine gun blueprint
  • “Emperor’s Fury” assault rifle blueprint
  • “Imperium Aquila” weapon charm
  • “Valorous Heart” emblem
  • “Daughters of the Emperor” loading screen
  • “Adepta Sororitas” large decal
  • “Adeptus Ministorum” sticker

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