Call of Duty Adds Old Favorite Grind Game Mode To Modern Warfare

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Call of Duty Adds Old Favorite Grind Game Mode To Modern Warfare

With heightened concern for the future of Call of Duty, Infinity Ward has added a new game mode to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

This new update takes the tactical pace of objective modes and coincides it with the frantic running and gunning that Team Deathmatch is so popular for. The mode is called “Grind.” Warfare.

Grind mode first appeared in Call of Duty: Ghosts, and since then has cropped up in other games in the series with completely different names such as, “Stockpile” and “Fracture.” This mode is a striking combination of COD favorites, “Kill Confirmed” and “Hardpoint” modes. The pair of modes revolve around enemies dropping dog tags across the map when they get killed by opposing players.

Active players must collect tags and bring them to a specified destination if they want to score points for their team. Both teams must return tags to their respective areas to score points, which makes those areas on the map highly contested. The drop-off locations also periodically change as the entire match progresses.

There are a few changes to this new update. Players can collect more than just one dog tag at a time, but now they’ll have to drop them all if they get killed before turning them in. This makes every run to the scoring location a matter of risk versus reward, but you can also collect the dog tags of your own fallen teammates and take away the chance for future enemies to score.

It’s unclear if the mode is here to stay or a temporary feature of the game’s first season. Grind has currently replaced the Drop Zone mode, which was available for about a week.

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