Call of Duty League to Move All Events to Online-Only Amid Growing Concern Over Coronavirus

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Call of Duty League to Move All Events to Online-Only Amid Growing Concern Over Coronavirus

The Call of Duty League has suspended all live events including the Home Series Weekends and Challengers Tournaments. According to an official statement from the Call of Duty League, effective immediately, all future events will be held online.

The online-only matches will continue to be broadcast live to fans. The schedule is still up in the air. Further details will be announced shortly.

There is no time table for the return of live events. According to the statement, the CDL “will return to city-based competition in front of live audiences as soon as it is safe and logistically possible.”

Teams such as the Dallas Empire and the Chicago Huntsman have already issued their own statements letting fans know that all tickets and team passes will be refunded.


This news comes as the global pandemic involving COVID-19, or Coronavirus, heats up. In the past few days, other major esports leagues such as the Overwatch League have also suspended play. Almost all major traditional sports organizations have suspended their season as well. This includes the NBA, the NHL, and the MLB. The disease has been spread far and wide overseas but it is just starting to rear its ugly head in North America.

Things will likely get worse before they get better. Stay tuned here at ESTNN for more news and updates regarding COVID-19 and its effect on esports and the gaming industry.

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