Call of Duty League Waives Franchise Entry Fees; Focuses On Revenue Generating Models

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Call of Duty League Waives Franchise Entry Fees; Focuses On Revenue Generating Models

Call of Duty League has announced the elimination of franchise entry fees required for teams to enter the League.

Through a press release, the Call of duty League GM Daniel Tsay announced their decision to eliminate all franchise entry fees required to participate in CODL.

In order to participate, it was earlier made mandatory for Esports teams to pay 25 million, and with this elimination, Call of Duty League has also promised that they will be refunding those who have paid the fees in the past.

Also to generate further interest into Call of Duty esports, teams will receive increased revenue for merchandise and in-game bundle sales. Call of Duty League GM, Tsay explained that this change “will help teams drive their own financial success.” The Champs bundle has also been added to this pool.

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New York Subliners, Winners of 2023 CODL

Teams To Receive Increased Revenue On In-Game Merchandise

Teams will earn increased revenue tied to the sale of their in-game merchandise (e.g., Team bundles) and now, the Champs bundle as well. ”We know how meaningful in-game bundles can be for Teams and we want to make sure they have increased ability to drive their own financial success. “The team also believes that hosting large scale events are vital to teams and the CDL community, we will increase existing event subsidy amounts for Teams organizing live in-person events such as Majors, Opens and Champs.” said Tsay in the blog post.

To add on to that, CODL has also promised that esports teams will receive a two-year minimum guarantee of revenue to encourage them to continue investing into the League.

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