Call of Duty League Power Rankings: Week 9

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Call of Duty League Power Rankings: Week 9

With another week in the season down, we take a look at our updated CDL Power Rankings.

12. Los Angeles Guerrillas (-)

The Los Angeles Guerrillas had a promising start to their weekend as they took the London Royal Ravens to a game five. Before defeating the Seattle Surge to knock them out of their own Home Series. Following this was a 3-1 loss to the Subliners. However, the Guerrillas have shown promise and given their fans some hope. They play Toronto in the first match in the upcoming home series. With rumours of a roster change, this could be their time to step up.

11. Seattle Surge (-)

Seattle Surge were sent home after two games at their own home series, losing to both the New York Subliners and the Los Angeles Guerrillas. Sam ‘Octane’ Larew was the only player to achieve a positive overall K/D for the Surge. While their mid-match substitution which then turned into a mid-event swap did not improve the team either. Seattle have an extremely hard group of FaZe, Empire and Rokkr this weekend. This is looking like another 0-2 weekend of them.

10. Paris Legion (-)

Although Paris won the inaugural Warzone Weekend, they haven't found the same winning form within the CDL. While they outslayed in some games and looked like a good team in parts. Legion were unable to win a match and took two 3-1 losses. They skip this weekend and return at their own Home Series. Major improvement is needed from this squad as they look nothing like they did at the opening weekend.

9. Toronto Ultra (-)

The bottom of our Power Rankings looks the same as last week. At the top of this is the Toronto Ultra, they didn't attend the Seattle Surge Home Series but return this week against the Guerrillas in game one. Methodz and Cammy were the standout players for Ultra last weekend and need to perform once again this weekend if they wish to reach another semi-final.

8. OpTic Gaming LA (-1)

OpTic fall one place down in our Power Rankings. This isn't from their own performances but more from other teams excelling this weekend. They lost to the Minnesota Rokkr in a very close game five match, but returned the favour later on defeating them 3-0 to advance to the semi-finals. Here it was the new and improved London Royal Ravens who won 3-2 to advance to their first Final of the year. OpTic Gaming look very good and their players have improved drastically. Slasher and Kenny have stepped up and although they dont play this weekend, they take on the Subliners in game one of the Paris Home Series.

Kuavo sits watching his monitor waiting for game start at CDL Atlanta

7. Florida Mutineers (-1)

Florida did not attend the recent event. However, other teams seem to have caught up to their level, moving them down to 7th in our Power Rankings. Some poor recent performances from them are the opposite to their two finals and one chip they have this season. New signing Owakening may be the answer, and as they take on the Chicago Huntsmen in game one. It’ll definitely be one to watch.

6. Minnesota Rokkr (-2)

Minnesota Rokkr have had some worrying performances at recent events. Back-to-back 5/6th placings does not look good for the squad. Although the team was overperforming everyone's expectations at the start of the season, it is tough to see them take so many losses. GodRx has gone from stellar 1.20 K/D performances to 0.88. Alexx and GodRx are the star factor for this team, and they need to perform for the Rokkr to succeed. With an extremely tough group, they'll need to beat one of the big guns in FaZe or Empire to make it out of groups this weekend.

5. London Royal Ravens (+3)

London redeemed themselves and even outperformed most fans expectations. The new addition of Zer0 to the squad saw them take down his old team New York Subliners 3-0 and leave their group 2-0. This then saw them reach their first Final of the season after beating OGLA in the Semis. Unfortunately, the Huntsmen were too strong and they were the team to take home the chip. However, the Ravens look like a championship quality team now, with Dylan returning close to his BO4 season form. This team could be one to look out for.


4. New York Subliners (+1)

Although they lost in the Semi-Finals and were 3-0’d by London. New York Subliners have beaten Chicago previously, and taken FaZe to multiple game fives, this is why they’re above London in our Power Rankings. They miss this weekend's event, but they return in Paris, where they’re still looking for their first chip of the season.

3. Chicago Huntsmen (-)

Chicago have improved with the addition of Prestinni. The team look better with Prestinni baiting for his teammates and doing the “dirty work” for them. They got their first online chip of the season last weekend, however they didn't have to play Dallas or Atlanta. Because of this, they sit just below them in the Power Rankings in third place.


2. Dallas Empire (-)

While they didn't play last weekend, Dallas still take the second place spot. Shotzzy is a player who has excelled recently and pushed the Empire to the top. Their overall teamwork has been exceptional and they look like a solid team who can compete with FaZe for the top spot every week.

1. Atlanta FaZe (-)

Atlanta FaZe keep the top spot in our Power Rankings once again. They didn't play last weekend yet again, but they have the chance to make a statement as they take on Seattle Surge in game one this weekend. A dominant 3-0 victory for FaZe here is what the fans wish for. If they take the chip this weekend, they'll be the first team with three this season.

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