Call of Duty League: LA Guerillas Protest Controversial Decision at CDL Minnesota

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Call of Duty League: LA Guerillas Protest Controversial Decision at CDL Minnesota

As reported previously, the Minnesota Rokkr defeated the LA Guerillas on the opening night of CDL Minnesota. However, this victory did not come without some controversy. It was revealed during the second game of the match that one of the players of the LA Guerillas accidentally picked a banned perk. The perk in question is called Hardline, and it allows kill streaks to be earned with one less kill. As a result, the LA Guerillas forfeited the second map in the match. The Minnesota Rokkr later won the match 3-1.

However, the LA Guerillas have since posted on Twitter about their side of the story. They contend that “while we accept a player inadvertently used a banned perk, it did not affect the outcome of the game.” The Guerillas further continue “enforcement of the violation was inconsistent with prior incidents of a similar nature.”

The accusations don’t stop there, either. The other offenses the Guerillas accuse the CDL of include “competition delays,” leaving Guerillas leadership out of an important CDL rules discussion prior to CDL Minnesota, and a general lack of communication. The full release is in the below image, originally posted on Twitter.

la guerillas release

While the LA Guerillas did say they will continue to play at CDL Minnesota this weekend, these accusations certainly mar what was otherwise a successful opening night. Bad referee calls are par for the course in many traditional sports. Regardless, this writer hopes the voice of the Guerillas will be heard, and the CDL do their best to avoid similar incidents of this nature.

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