Call of Duty League Florida: Day 1 Recap

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Call of Duty League Florida: Day 1 Recap

As The Toronto Ultra rise, The Florida Mutineers fall. We take a look at Day 1 of CDL Florida, and how it went.

Atlanta FaZe 3-1 Paris Legion

In a game that was expected to be a 3-0 or 3-1 stomp by Atlanta FaZe, this was no surprise. Atlanta FaZe played Azhir Cave Hardpoint well, although they started slow being 40 points down going into p3. They bounced back and finished the game 250-212. Moving onto Search & Destroy, FaZe looked weak. SnD finished 6-5 in favor of The Atlanta FaZe but it was only down to the clutch factor of Chris ‘Simp’ Lehr and Preston ‘Priestahh’ Greiner in round 11. Paris played well and took this momentum into domination. Where they were victorious winning 148-145.

A slow start from Priestahh in this map leaving him 0-10 at the 4:30 minutes mark seemed to slow his team's performance. However, he turned it around and finished 17-17, but this wasn't enough. Moving into the final game of the series, St. Petrograd became aBeZy’s playground. Tyler ‘aBeZy’ Pharris dominated game four achieving an astonishing 1.78 K/D. This allowed his teammate Simp to accrue 157 seconds of hill time. Although FaZe easily could’ve 100 point clubbed Paris Legion, they had mercy. And the game finished 250-117, securing the win for Atlanta FaZe.

London Royal Ravens 3-2 OpTic Gaming Los Angeles

In a highly contested game, The London Royal Ravens came out on top, defeating OpTic Gaming L.A, 3-2. A back and forth game one saw Wuskin (one of our players to watch) put up an incredible 2.13 K/D. Along with Wuskin, fellow Raven Seany dropped 34 kills. These kill numbers suggest that it was a dominant game from the Royal Ravens. However, they struggled to convert kills into hill time during the first rotation. This improved in the second and resulted in a 250-194 victory. The Search and Destroy was dominant from OpTic. Well… dominant from Slasher. Austin ‘Slasher’ Liddicoat finished the SnD 10-3, performing multiple 1vX clutches.

Taking the series 1-1 after a 6-2 scoreline in favour of OGLA. OpTic took the series advantage 2-1 after a strong performance in domination. A 185-136 scoreline suggests dominance. This is backed up by 1.58 and 1.56 K/D’s for Slasher and Dashy. While the only London player to go positive was Wuskin at 1.11. London refused to give up, and took the second Hardpoint 250-185. This time it was Dylan to show up and drop 37 kills, and 67 seconds of kill time for The London Royal Ravens. Taking us to our first Map Five of the day.

Piccadilly was the chosen map. Catering for Wuskin and Dashy, the snipers, allowing them to show their skill. Dropping 10 and 8 kills respectively, making this SnD extremely close. London were 5-4 up, and Seany found himself in a 1v2. The ice of Seany saw London take the game victory 6-4 and the series 3-2.

Toronto Ultra 3-1 New York Subliners

Toronto made everyone remember who they are in this series. New York showed up and the previous Chicago Huntsmen Home Series, beating the hosts and taking FaZe to a Map Five. This saw many fans place them as a top 6 team, meaning there was no way a team like Toronto could beat them. Well, they did. Toronto came out strong and battled hard in Game One, losing 250-214 after being down nearly 80 points at times. However, the Search and Destroy was absolute domination from the Toronto Ultra, winning 6-2 with Cammy and Classic dropping 11 and 10 kills each.

New York seemed to be stunned by this, and the Domination was as close as ever. 156-154 was the scoreline, and Toronto Ultra came out with the 2-1 series lead. A stellar performance from Methodz achieving a 1.35 K/D. Was countered by new kid MackMelts with an incredible 1.48, showing that he can definitely compete with the pros. At this point, many saw another Game Five, but Ultra proves us wrong once again. They took the Hardpoint 250-182 and the series 3-1. An unexpected win, but not unwelcome. How far can Toronto go?

Minnesota Rokkr 3-0 Florida Mutineers

The final series of the day saw The Minnesota Rokkr take on The Florida Mutineers. This was the only series we thought had no chance of a 3-0, both teams looked incredible and many expected a Game Five. Minnesota came out strong and looked to prove a point. A 250-210 Ramazza Hardpoint saw them go 1-0 up in the series. A 6-2 SnD meant 2-0. And just like that, a 163-156 Domination saw Minnesota Rokkr take the series.

Although on the losing team, Skyz dropped a 1.37 overall K/D this series. Showing that although Florida might have been outslaying, they were unable to turn those kills into points and game wins. Minnesota looked like the better team fundamentally and knew how to counter Florida. SiLLY decided it was his time to shine, and his 1.42 overall K/D was the highest of the day.

Florida will face off with New York Subliners in the Knockout Match. If NYSL play like they did last weekend, Florida could find themselves out of their own Home Series after two matches.

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