Call of Duty League 2020 Championships Could Be Held On LAN Depending On League Vote

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Call of Duty League 2020 Championships Could Be Held On LAN Depending On League Vote

In their most recent podcast, NRG owners H3CZ and Andy Miller discussed the possibility of CoD Champs being held on LAN.

Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez and Andy Miller are both co-owners of NRG, owners of the Chicago Huntsmen and many other successful esports teams. In their recent podcast together “The NRG Duo Podcast” they discussed the possibility of the Call of Duty League Championships being held on LAN. The clip was posted by CDL Intel on twitter.

Due to COVID restrictions, fans have been speculating for weeks now about whether or not the Call of Duty League Championships would be held online. Especially as the remainder of the League season has been completed in an online format. While there have been some shock results, mainly the League has continued as usual in terms of results. But it hasn't been without its problems.

However, with restrictions lifting in some states across North America, H3CZ says there is a vote between the 12 team owners to decide whether champs will be held on LAN or Online. If the competition is held on LAN, we assume there will be no spectators. However, it will be a decision welcomed by many players and fans if they are able to play in a LAN environment.

In a world where we see many sports turn to a behind closed doors format, esports could be the next to do so. LAN competitions are much more reliable and have many less factors that could change the outcome of matches compared to Online. Therefore if champs is to be held on LAN, many fans and players will be extremely happy to hear the news.

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